Vampire Contact Lenses

Vampire contact lenses
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Vampire contact lenses can transform you into a vampire as quickly as a blink of your eye. There are many theatrical grade lenses available today in a variety of styles such as vampire. Try some out for fun.

About Vampire Eyes

One of the most striking things about vampires, other than their fangs, is their eyes. By using special effect contacts you can create vampire eyes. Vampires can change the look of their eyes depending on their lifestyle or mood, so pick a lens that reflects the look you want to achieve:

  • Gold contacts mean you are a vegetarian vampire. The Cullen vampires in Twilight all have golden eyes since they do not eat meat.
  • Red signify that you eat meat.
  • Hungry vampires have dark eyes in black or brown.

Types of Vampire Contact Lenses

Did you ever wonder how the vampires in the movies got their eyes to look so special? There are many types of contact lenses that will transform your eyes into those of a vampire. Now people are able to get the same looks seen on the big screen to use with their costumes. Some contact lenses create a more subtle look than others. There are also contacts that come without any vision correction. Choose the type that works best for you and your particular needs.

Color Me Contacts

Color Me Contacts has lenses like the ones worn by Edward from Twilight. The Amber Ambition contacts or any topaz or honey colored contacts will have you looking like a member of the Cullen clan. Other vampire contacts to choose from include White Out and Vampire Red.

Other Shopping Options

Vamp Fangs sells custom painted FX lenses. Browse through their selection for a style that matches your taste.

Coco Contacts has several styles of vampire contacts such as Wild Wolf Eyes that are red with gold inside. They also have Wild Vampire White, Wild Vampire Black and Wild Blood Red.

You can also ask your eye care professional about special effect contact lenses. They should be able to order you a pair of amber colored lenses or give you other options to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Vampire contact lenses are a great way to complete a vampire costume or to wear for a night of clubbing. For a fun look, wear normal clothes and let your eyes reveal your inner vampire. You will surprise those who dare to look you in the eye.

Be sure to care for your vampire contacts properly. It is important to rinse your lenses with an all-purpose contact solution and store them in a contact case. Be sure to rinse them before you put them in your eyes and after you take them out. Do not keep lenses longer than recommended. Most importantly, if you experience redness, pain or irritation, contact an eye care professional immediately.

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Vampire Contact Lenses