Toddler Heart Fairy Costume

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Celebrate Valentine's Day or any occasion with a gorgeous, glittery, girly toddler heart fairy costume.

Fairy Costumes with Hearts

There's nothing more adorable than watching your little girl twirl around the house in a shiny, shimmering, cotton candy-colored heart fairy costume. The getups are a hot ticket item, especially with young ballerinas who inspire to take the stage as fairy princesses when they grow up.

Toddler heart fairy costumes can be worn for dance recitals, Valentine's Day parties, Halloween or as a uniform for a fairy-in-training. The pretty pink and white ribbon, lace and glitter encrusted heart fairy costumes are irresistible to most toddlers who can't wait to slip into the fluffy dresses with matching heart-shaped wings.

How to Make A Toddler Heart Fairy Costume

Fortunately, you don't have to fork over a bundle to make your little girl's fairy dreams come true. With a little creativity you can make a heart fairy costume on your own using materials you may have around the house.


Most toddler girls love pink, so to fulfill their fairy tale fantasies, you might consider using a rose-colored dress or leotard with a matching pink tutu as the base for your little one's heart fairy costume. If you prefer your toddler to don a more conservative Renaissance-style fairy costume, then pair a matching layered skirt with a puffy sleeved top accented with long ribbons that will fly around when she twirls. Accessorize with a heart-shaped tiara, wings and wand to complete the fantastical fairy costume.


A fancier option is to sew layers of tulle under a traditional dance skirt. Then, top it with a lace-up bodice blouse featuring heart appliques, sheer pink wings with hearts drawn in red or pink glitter glue, and a matching sequined headpiece that you can find at the Dollar Store or a thrift shop and accent with plastic or Styrofoam hearts.


This enchanting heart fairy costume for toddlers can be used for a Valentine's Day ballet recital or to play dress-up any day of the year. Simply decorate a pink, white or lavender colored leotard with heart-shaped appliques. Add matching glitter tights, a tutu, heart-shaped shoe covers and a gem encrusted heart-shaped wand. To make the wings for your little heart fairy, use cardboard cutouts or recycle a pair of white angel's wings and embellish with sequined heart adhesives. To finish off the costume make a delicate-looking heart and flower headband with artificial roses and ribbons.

Where to Buy Heart Fairy Costumes for Toddlers

If you want your little one to look stunning in an elaborate heart fairy costume but don't have the time to make one yourself, then consider shopping at the following online retailers:

The aforementioned websites offer an array of pretty pastel-colored toddler heart fairy costumes. Sizes vary between companies, so it is important that you know your child's measurements in order to compare them to each site's size charts. If your child tends to wear her fairy costume over her regular clothes during the winter months, you should consider ordering one size larger to account for the charming and frilly layers underneath.

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Toddler Heart Fairy Costume