Sweetheart and Heart Throb Costumes

Get his blood pumping!

To celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year you may consider donning sweetheart and heart throb costumes. Whether you go public with your humorous suits or if you're looking for a way to keep things playful behind closed doors, these ideas are sure to spark some passion.

Sweetheart and Heart Throb Costumes and Accessories

While some couples opt for more intimate costumes come Valentine's Day, others prefer to add a healthy dose of whimsy to the romance of the season. If you decide to suit up in a romantic duo theme, you'll love the following sweetheart and heart throb costume and accessory ideas. Take a peek at these endearing ideas and get ready to steal hearts come Valentine's Day.

Romantic Ideas for Women

Sexy nurse
Nurse costume on Amazon
  • Nurse: When it comes to stealing his heart, nothing quite beats a sexy nurse costume. Get his blood pumping in an intimate and frilly frock such as this Heart Throb Nurse costume complete with a triangle top bra adorned with hearts and a transparent skirt bedecked with fringe. A nurse hat and thigh high stockings completes this racy and seductive costume. If you'd rather piece together your own nurse costume, get creative with heart appliques and iron them onto your favorite white lingerie. For a public-friendly costume, you can opt for a traditional white nurse's uniform and get racy with red or heart embellished lingerie fit for his eyes only. Don't forget the accessories if you opt for a heart throb costume. A stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff make perfect props for this exciting idea.
  • Patrol Officer: If you're into role playing, you're bound to love locking him up in a sexy officer's uniform. While a traditional police officer costume will do the trick, for Valentine's Day you may want to opt for a sexier version such as this unique Beauty Patrol Costume complete with lacy hem, lipstick appliques and a matching hat and gloves. For accessories, don't forget a racy pair of lock and key cuffs, and perhaps a whip if you're rocking a wild west theme.

Romantic Ideas for Men

  • Uniform Costumes: It's true, she's sure to feel the passion when you get her heart pumping dressed as a man in uniform. See if she can take the heat and consider this Darque Firefighter Costume complete with a red shirt and Lycra/PVC pants and a red firefighter hat.
  • Cupid: If you're looking for an endearing way to steal her heart, then perhaps a love arrow will do the trick. This Fiber Optic Cupid Costume is sure to light things up in the bedroom. Complete with wings, tunic and a bow and love arrow, passion is only a shot away when you wear this fun costume.

Ideas for Couples

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood on Amazon

While Sweetheart and Heart Throb costumes can easily be a solo pursuit, you can really add some love to the holiday by dressing in a romantic theme together.

The following romantic costume ideas are perfect for pairs:

  • Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf: Wear a red cape and have him don a bright red heart attached to a traditional wolf costume.
  • Doctor and Nurse: Watch your blood pressures rise when you pair up as a doctor and nurse.
  • French Maid and Butler: At your service! Room service is sure to be a sexy pursuit when you don this unique pair of costumes.
  • Alice and the Mad Hatter: Fall down the rabbit hole in a sexy couple's theme. Alice can opt for a sexy look by pairing thigh high stockings and platform shoes to a traditional dress, while the Mad Hatter can steal hearts in a wild costume bedecked with hearts and whimsy.
  • Queen and King of Hearts: For a more humorous take on the love theme, you can opt for Queen and King Heart costumes.

Get Creative

Romantic costume ideas really have no end. Channel your inner creativity and create the perfect duo idea or go solo and surprise your partner with your very own passionate pursuit. Be sure to incorporate both the color red and plenty of hearts into your costumes to pull together the heart throb idea. Don't forget thigh high stockings or sexy garters to create a complete sexy Sweetheart theme. With a bit of advance planning and a romantic edge, you can ignite plenty of passion on Valentine's Day or any other day of the year!

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Sweetheart and Heart Throb Costumes