Queen of Hearts Costumes

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Whether you're attending an Alice in Wonderland-themed event, taking part in a play, or looking for a Halloween costume that will wow everyone who sees it, the Queen of Hearts is a regal and exciting choice. You can purchase a costume from a variety of retailers or make your own by modifying a few thrift store clothing items. Either way, you'll be turning heads as this popular foul-tempered monarch.

Buying a Costume

During the Halloween season, you may be able to find a local shop with a Queen of Hearts dress. However, for the portion of the year not dedicated to costumes, you'll need to shop online for the best selection. The following Internet retailers offer some beautiful options:

  • Buy Alice in Wonderland Costumes offers the Red Queen movie costume for adults. Featuring an elaborate gold, black and red dress, a miniature crown, and a full petticoat, this is a complete outfit that's sure to turn heads.
  • Buy Costumes offers the Dark Heart Queen dress in a very different style. This outfit is short and sassy with a red, black, and white card-themed, off-the-shoulder minidress. You can purchase matching accessories like a black tutu, card-themed riding crop, crown, and card-themed striped stockings.
  • Costume SuperCenter has a deluxe costume for the Queen of Hearts. This minidress is very fitted in the bodice and features a short skirt in front and long, full overskirt. Red hearts decorate the bodice, and a stiff ruff frames the face.
  • Costume Craze offers a beautiful Queen of Hearts dress for girls. With a velvet overskirt, heart-shaped bodice, and long black and white and red skirt, this is a good option.
  • Amazon.com has a sweet toddler-sized costume for the littlest queen. This cute black, white, and red dress has a big red heart on the bodice and a stand-up collar.

Make Your Own Queen of Hearts Costume

Making your own costume isn't difficult, and it's a great way to add a personal touch. If you have a little sewing experience, you can modify thrift store finds to create the perfect gown.

Things You'll Need

  • Red formal dress with a full skirt from a thrift store
  • Black velvet jacket from a thrift store
  • One and a half yards of white satin
  • Half a yard of red satin to match dress
  • White fur trim
  • Wide stiff white lace or tulle for stand-up ruff
  • Iron-on Adhesive
  • Dritz Fray Check
  • Sewing machine and thread to match
  • Scissors, pins, and other tools

What to Do

  1. Start by choosing a red dress that fits you comfortably. You'll be using this dress as the base for your costume.
  2. Cut out the center portion of the prom dress skirt in the shape of a triangle. Make sure you cut it evenly on both sides, and remove the stitching from the waistband. Save the triangular portion you remove.
  3. Using the part of the skirt that you removed as a pattern, cut the same shape from the white satin. Leave about half an inch of extra fabric on all sides to accommodate your seams.
  4. Pin the white portion of the skirt to the rest of the prom dress, effectively replacing the red portion you removed. Use your sewing machine to finish the seams, but don't worry about the hem. Try the dress on and adjust the fit as needed.
  5. Sew the white fur trim around the hem of the skirt, including both the red and white portions. Add white fur cuffs to the black velvet jacket as well.
  6. From the red satin fabric, cut heart shapes of graduating sizes. Make the largest about six inches tall and the smallest about two inches. Paint the edge of each heart shape with Fray Check to keep it from unraveling.
  7. Using the iron-on adhesive, attach the red hearts to the center of the white portion of the skirt. Place the smallest heart near the waist and the largest near the hem. If desired, cut more hearts and attach them to the jacket lapels.
  8. Gather the stiff lace or tulle to create the ruff for the jacket collar. Sew the ruff on so that it stands up, framing your face.
  9. Add heart-themed jewelry, a crown, and a scepter to complete your look.

Off with Their Heads!

Whether you but your Queen of Hearts dress or make your own, you'll love the fun of pretending to be this evil queen. Don't forget the ultimate accessory: a royal attitude. Dropping a few "Off with their heads!" remarks into conversation is the best way to complete your character.

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Queen of Hearts Costumes