Mirrored Contact Lenses

Want to look like Riddick? Get mirrored contacts.
Want to look like Riddick? Get mirrored contacts.

If colored contacts and dark mirrored sunglasses are too ordinary for you, why not try mirrored contact lenses?

Going Beyond Colored Contacts

For years people have been using colored contacts to change their look and add new drama to their eyes. In addition to their use as a 'fashion' accessory, colored contacts are vital for people in witness protection programs, undercover law enforcement, and other situations. A new twist on colored contacts comes in the form of mirrored contacts.

Like their sunglass counterparts, these have a shiny, reflective finish that allows the person external vision, but others looking at the individual can't see their eyes.

Popularization of Mirrored Contacts

Mirrored contacts were in part popularized by the character Riddick in The Chronicles of Riddock trilogy (Pitch Black, Riddick, and Dark Fury). Riddick is played by Vin Diesel.

In the film, Vin Diesel wears mirrored contacts to show his character's 'eyeshine,' or special supernatural night vision that enables him to see without night vision goggles or other equipment. This eyeshine results in the appearance of shiny, mirror-like eyes. Going beyond celebrity sunglasses, these celebrity-inspired contacts are sure to be a show-stopper no matter who you are.

Choosing Mirrored Lenses

People choose to wear mirrored contact lenses for a variety of reasons. Looking to add an air of mystery, drama, or just plain shock factor to your look? Mirrored lenses might be the ticket. Persons who are looking for a unique alternative to mirrored sunglasses might also be inspired to try the lenses. Like mirrored sunglasses, some contacts can protect the wearer's eyes from damaging rays from the sun and allow them relief without squinting or adjusting sweaty sunglasses. This makes them a unique option for athletes who need to perform in hot, sunny weather as well as individuals wanting protection from the sun at the beach or any outdoor area.

If you want contacts that will protect your eyes, be sure to check carefully before purchasing to ensure that the contact does offer UV protection and is not only a special effect mirror tinted lens. Class 1 contact lenses will block 96 percent of UVA and 100 percent of UVB rays; while Class 2 contacts will block 70 percent of UVA and 95 percent of UVB rays.

Other reasons for wearing these lenses include:

  • Theater or dramatic productions
  • Halloween
  • Costume parties
  • Haunted House employees
  • Live Action Role Play character accessory

Where to Buy Mirrored Contact Lenses

Mirror tinted contacts are more difficult to find that your standard colored contacts, but there are several places they can be purchased, including the following:

  • FX Eyes: This special effects eyewear retailer offers mirrored lenses like those worn by the character Riddick. This site also offers black sclera mirrored contacts that have the mirrored part of the lens against a black background.
  • 9mm FX is another high-profile provider of special effects lenses for the entertainment industry. This store also has mirrored and mirrored sclera contacts available.
  • Custom Contacts will create mirrored lenses for interested individuals. However, customers must undergo an eye exam when ordering. The company also offers many other special effects lens designs as well as cosmetic and prosthetic contacts.

Prices vary, ranging from $250 to over $600 per pair. (Eye exams, shipping and handling, and other services may not be included in the price.)

Mirrored Contact Lenses