Make a 4th of July Costume

Uncle Sam

You don’t have to channel Martha Stewart to make a 4th of July costume to be proud of. Homemade patriotic getups can be put together for pennies with just a few everyday items found around the house. Even if you have limited sewing or crafting skills, you can make a decent Independence Day outfit that reflects your love for the good ol’ USA.

How to Make a 4th of July Costume

Whether you want to dress up for a local 4th of July parade or you want to go all out for a big Independence Day backyard barbeque, there are a number of getups that will show off your patriotic pride. What’s more, the costumes are not hard to make. Say happy birthday to the land of the free by piecing together the following 4th of July-inspired costumes:

Uncle Sam

Party like a real man by dressing up as Uncle Sam. Don’t worry if you don’t have a red, white and blue tuxedo like the one Sam donned in the old army propaganda posters. Instead, look around the house for a white button down shirt, red bow tie and a blue coat. If you don’t have red and white striped pants, make your own from a pair of cheap white sweats which can be embellished with red fabric. Or, you could use an old pair of white pants and attach strips of red fabric. Purchase a plain top hat from a costume store and paint on stars and stripes. Finish off the look with a fake white beard and white wig.

Betsy Ross

Pair a white top, a red skirt, and blue apron to bring Betsy Ross back to life. Accessorize with sparkly star stickers stuck on the apron and a white sleep cap. You could also carry around red, white and blue fabric scraps to mimic Ross’ hard work sewing the first American flag.

Statue of Liberty

No other costume celebrates the joy of independence than Lady Liberty. The famous statue greeted millions of immigrants as they sailed into New York Harbor when the United States was still in its infancy. Now you too can look like the queen of sweet freedom by putting together a costume made from household items.  Start by making a wig out of green yarn. Hold it in place with a green headband and a crown made from green poster board. Next, wrap a mint-green flat sheet around your body in a toga-like fashion. Then, make a torch from rolled up green construction paper. Use red and brown construction paper taped to the top of the torch to mimic a flame. Accessorize with a pair of sandals and a green notebook featuring the Declaration of Independence. Finally, use some light green face paint to cover your forehead, cheeks, nose, mouth and chin.

American Flag

Red, white and blue never looked so good. This is an especially appropriate costume for a young child, who might fuss at putting on an elaborate getup on a sizzling hot July day. Dressing like an American flag can be as simple as slipping on a shirt covered with stars and red and white striped pants. Otherwise, purchase a super cheap American flag shirt at a post-holiday sale and save it to wear the following year.


Hail to the chief by dressing up like your favorite president. Making a costume to represent our founding fathers is not hard. Simply don a powder-white wig, a white ruffled shirt, and a long dark robe, if you plan to go as George Washington. Another former commander in chief who’s easy to emulate in costume is Abe Lincoln. Simply don a black suit, white shirt, bow tie, fake beard and a black top hat. If you prefer dressing up as a modern day president, then purchase a Barack Obama face mask and use your own casual clothes or a business suit to celebrate the holiday as the 44th president of the United States.


Kids will surely become the center of attention at a 4th of July gathering dressed as a firecracker. Have your child sparkle by wearing a cylinder shaped outfit, embellished with red, white and blue stripes. Then, add a hat featuring tissue paper and a fuse made from string or yarn to top off the look.

Other Options

It doesn’t take a ton of time or money to make a 4th of July Costume. You simply have to employ some creativity and you can party with purpose. If the aforementioned costume ideas don’t excite you, then think outside of the box and dress up as American rock star Bruce Springsteen or a sexy female Uncle Sam. A costume for the latter could feature a red, white and blue sequined halter top, white shorts, red high heels and a red and white striped top hat.

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Make a 4th of July Costume