Infant 4th of July Costume

Patriotic baby

Dressing your baby for the 4th of July can be as simple as a red or blue onesie paired with a bandanna or hat, or as involved as a Captain America costume. Deciding how targeted the outfit is to the holiday is a consideration not only for budget, but also for your infant's comfort. While a onesie can be worn over again and is made of soft cotton, a true costume will probably only come out of the closet for the fourth itself, and may have to be abandoned after an hour of wear to avoid skin irritation or overheating. Follow your baby's lead to ensure the costume you chose is not only adorable, but also enjoyable.

Patriotic Infant Costumes

Whether you want to create your very own costume or find a place to buy an American flag onesie, the options for patriotic babies are numerous.

Versatile Clothing

Mix and match from the following types of items to get a look that is unique and adorable. The advantage of the following items is that you can wear them any day of the year, not just on the fourth.

  • A blue or red onesie, with polka dots, stars, or flowers in white if possible
  • A red and white or blue and white striped onesie
  • For girls, a blue or red dress in similar motifs to the onesies above are adorable
  • A sailor suit for boys, or a sailor dress for girls
  • A red, white, or blue cardigan and socks, depending on the weather
  • A simple white pair of cotton pants or shorts can compliment any of the onesies mentioned above

Fourth of July Clothing

In the month leading up to the national holiday, many children's clothing stores feature onesies, shirts, and pants with Americana images, such as flags or stars and stripes. This type of clothing is also available from several online retailers.

  • A onesie with an America flag printed on the chest, or a patriotic message such as 'Made in America' (available from Flag and Banner)
  • A red, white and blue dress, such as this one from Gerson and Gerson complete with an American flag on the back
  • An American flag bib or hat can turn any of your baby's regular outfits into Fourth of July apparel.

Infant Costumes

You can achieve a cute 4th of July look by choosing either a patriotic costume or simply one that falls into the red, white, and blue color scheme.

Creating a Costume

Stars and stripes

For parents with a creative streak, creating a fun and patriotic costume can be an enjoyable activity. Try one of the ideas below as a springboard for creating your very own look for your baby.

  • Beautiful butterfly: While butterfly costumes are often pastel, try making a red, white and blue butterfly costume for your infant daughter.
  • Flag ladybug: Use red fabric with white polka dots instead of black polka dots. Use solid blue material for the parts of the costume that would have been solid black.
  • Cowboy or cowgirl: Make this simple costume with a denim skirt or jeans, white onesie with a small flag sewn on the chest, and a red or blue bandanna as a hat.
  • Stars and stripes: Pair a red and white striped onesie with a pair of blue pants. On the pants, sew a few white stars on both the front and back.

Comfort and Safety

Remember in making, purchasing or putting together your infant's outfit that natural fibers and loose fits will keep your baby happy. Synthetic fibers, especially in warm weather, are not only uncomfortable, but can quickly cause a heat rash. Keep your child happy and safe by opting for 100 percent cotton fabrics.

Keep choking hazards and possible sharp edges in mind as well. Make sure all costume pieces are firmly attached, and that they are not sharp. Do not tie a bandanna as a scarf around your baby's neck, and avoid accessories such as actual flags on plastic poles, which your baby could poke himself in the eye with.

Fun Family Day

Regardless of whether you purchase an outfit or choose for an easy to make costume, the 4th of July is a fun family holiday. Getting everyone in the spirit by dressing everyone in patriotic clothing and hats can set the stage for an enjoyable day for the whole family.

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