German Christmas Costumes

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German Christmas costumes are a popular way to celebrate the season, especially if you frequent holiday markets or partake in group caroling festivities. If you truly want to embrace the magic of the season, consider donning any of these old world German Christmas costume ideas with confidence. With some advance planning, you can either sew a magnificent holiday wardrobe or rely on vintage finds to recreate the look of a cozy German Christmas.

The Style of German Christmas Costumes

Known for hosting the largest of holiday markets, Germany raises the bar for holiday costumes. Women, men and children all get involved and dress their best during the bustling holiday season, which begins on the first Sunday of Advent. Whether you're of German descent and want to capture some of your cultural spirit, or simply love the costumes and traditions found in Germany, you can dress the part in any of the following costume ideas suitable for Christmas and the jolly holiday season.

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German Costumes for Women and Girls

Dressing in authentic Christmas style is fairly easy for ladies. A velvet or tapestry gown on top of a crinoline and petticoat will help create the foundation of an old world Victorian costume, perfect for German markets and fairs. A ruffled blouse topped with a velvet capelet helps ward of chills, while a frilly Victorian bonnet adds the perfect finishing touch. Women and young girls can piece together these costumes as needed and make them as simple or elaborate as desired. German Christmas styles tend to veer on the side of classic Dickens traditions, so make sure your dress is accessorized with vintage pieces for an authentic costume filled with charm.

German Costumes for Men and Boys

While men can go many route for a German Christmas suit, most will find that a simple suit does the trick in the most traditional way. An old world style suit complete with a top hat and tails is sure to add charm to your holiday season. Rather than opt for a basic black suit, you can get theatrical and even fancier by adding a rainbow of Victorian colors into your dress. Consider a dove grey suit paired with a mustard yellow or burgundy vest underneath. With the addition of white cotton gloves, you'll be more than merry at the next German Christmas celebration that you attend. Small boys and infants can also capture the style of a German Christmas by donning the same layered looks in a muted palette. If you can't find a Victorian themed suit, simply wear a basic jacket with a vest or ties instead. Rather than seek old craftsmanship and tailoring, let your vintage accessories take the stage. Gloves, canes and old pocket watches are sure to evoke the feel of any Dickens novel, even in Germany! Of course, there's always the option of donning an Old World Santa Claus costume instead of a more simple suit.

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Create Your Look

Creating a German Christmas outfit involves creativity and a bit of advance planning. You can't expect to throw together an authentic suit with just a few basic pieces from your wardrobe, so be prepared and shop thrift or discount stores early for the best winter accessories and holiday embellishments. In Germany, Santa Claus is accompanied by men known as henchman rather than reindeer. Santa and his henchmen arrive wearing thick furry costumes with cowbells to ring their festive arrival. Donning furry muffs and winter boots along with thick draped capes is yet another way you can dress in German Christmas style while celebrating Old Sankt Nikolaus.

Enjoy Your Costume for Many Years

After you've found an appropriate Christmas outfit, be sure to store your costumes as you would any other fine garment, and you'll be sure to have a festive gown or suit ready should you decide to dress the merry part in the years to come.

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German Christmas Costumes