Sock Monkey Costume

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With its classic red mouth, button eyes and slashed, red bottom, the sock monkey is an iconic figure. Whether you want to revisit your childhood with an adult costume, get a little sexy with a Ms. Sock Monkey costume or you're looking for something cute for your baby, there are plenty of options both for purchase or to make an easy homemade version.

Sock Monkey Costumes for Sale

Because the sock monkey is so popular, there are a variety of styles and options to choose from whether the costume is for you, your baby or your child.

Full Mask Adult Costume

Hide your face behind that well-known grin in this adult costume. The costume includes a full body suit, complete headpiece and an attached tail. A tattoo on the bicep lets everyone know just how tough this monkey is.

Adult Ms Sock Monkey Costume

If you're accompanying a guy dressed as the sock monkey, or you just want to show your affiliation without putting on the jumpsuit, check out this Ms Sock Monkey costume. Ms Sock Monkey wears a brown, belted dress with a bright red heart on it. A headband completes the look with the sock monkey's face.

baby sock monkey costume
Baby Sock Monkey Costume

Baby Sock Monkey Costume

Make your baby as cute and cuddly as the portable sock monkey is. Costume includes a jumpsuit with detachable tail, hat and booties.

Child Zombie Sock Monkey Costume

If your child is into the macabre, consider getting him this Zombie sock monkey suit. The costume looks like the full mask adult version, but includes gruesome stitches, blood, sharp teeth and an obviously damaged brain.

Child Ms Sock Monkey Costume

Let your daughter show her sock monkey love in this child sized version of the Ms Sock Monkey costume. Costume includes a dress with petticoat and sash, as well as a sock monkey face hat.

Homemade Sock Monkey Costume

Sock monkey costumes can be pricey, but if you don't mind spending a little time with some fabric, thread and glue, you can make a homemade version for a lot less.


  • Brown sweat suit
  • Two pairs of white tube socks
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • Brown fabric
  • Hot glue
  • Black buttons
  • Red yarn
  • White or brown stocking cap


  1. Cut the feet off the tube socks, roll down the cut edge, and sew the ankle portion of the socks onto the arms and legs of the sweat suit.
  2. Cut an oval out of red felt and hot glue it onto the seat of the sweatpants.
  3. Cut out a long rectangle of brown fabric; sew one short edge and the long edge. Turn the tube right side out and sew the remaining short end onto the red felt of the sweatpants for a tail.
  4. Cut out two half circles of brown fabric and sew them onto the sides of the hat as ears.
  5. Cut the red, white and black felt into the shape of the monkey's features and glue onto the hat.
  6. Sew two black button eyes onto the top of the cap.
  7. After you put on the costume, tie a large bow around your neck with the red yarn.

Knock Their Socks Off

Whatever else you may do while dressed up like the sock monkey, be sure to have fun. With such a wide grin, the sock monkey looks like he's always up for a good time; when you're dressed like he is, you're such to have one too.

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Sock Monkey Costume