Kids' Dance Costumes

Dance costumes

Kids' dance costumes are a great way for children to feel confident on the dance floor. Whether for recital or just plain fun, the following kids' dance costume styles and tips will help you find the right costume for any event.

Kids' Dance Costume Styles

Children's dance costume suppliers are abundant on the Internet, making it easy, convenient and even more affordable to find a unique and flattering dance outfit. If your child participates in dance class and performances, their style of dress and costume will vary significantly. The following dance styles and garments go hand in hand:

  • Jazz and Tap: For jazz and tap dancing, glitz is the word. Whether he opts for a sequined vest or she wears a top hat and a sparkly skirt, the most wild and flashy costumes are usually best on stage for this type of performance. To create a versatile costume wardrobe for jazz dancing, consider investing in a quality pair of tap shoes along with a few leotards that can be mixed interchangeably for more options. Versatile 2-1 performance costumes are a great investment.
  • Ballet: Besides basic ballet shoes, most ballerinas in training should own a classic tutu as well as a few basic comfy and stretchy leotards that can be paired up with wrap skirts,shrugs and tights. Ballet dance usually incorporates a serene and restful palette.For the most versatility, opt for black, pink and nude separates and mix and match as needed.
  • Hip Hop: Hip hop dance costumes are great fun to wear and can be quite creative, allowing him to show off his dance moves and personality with confidence. Basic hip hop costumes may include sequined or sparkly muscle shirts, hooded sleeveless shells and relaxed dance pants. Movement is essential in hip hop dancing, so make sure all clothing is unrestrained. For safety's sake, avoid strings, long chains and scarves which could pose a choking hazard.
  • Character: Incorporated into a variety of dance, character costumes are usually reserved for specific performances and plays. Whether it be a popular Disney film or fictional character, most themed dance costumes are worn only once and can be very costly. If you go the route of character costumes, see if you can recreate the costume first with simple accessories before investing in a multi-piece costume. Princess costumes can easily be depicted with a long fairy tale hat paired with a tutu, whereas he can easily play a pirate by adding an eye patch and a bandana to a basic pair of black dance pants and a blowsy shirt. Get creative with costume props and you can save big on character themed performances and dance recitals.

Where to Shop

If you're in the market for kids' dance costumes, you may choose to shop locally or on the Internet. Most dance studios carry a small inventory of costumes and shoes to help your child get started in the world of dance. After she's selected her dance style,she can begin shopping for the right attire.The following websites offer a variety of dance costumes in plenty of children's sizes:

  • Weissman Costumes: Retail supplier offering all types of dance costumes in a variety of styles, including character.

Proper Storage and Care

No matter where you shop or what you spend, it's essential to properly care for your garments to maintain their shape and quality. Follow all manufacturer care instructions for laundering immediately after use and store all kids' dance costumes in covered dust bags to preserve their beauty and intricate craftsmanship for years to come.

Kids' Dance Costumes