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Lady Gaga Costumes

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Lady Gaga Swimsuit Costume

Lady Gaga burst into prominence with the release of her 2008 album The Fame. In addition to her music, Lady Gaga is known for her glamorous and crazy costumes with a style she attributes to David Bowie, Elton John, Madonna and Michael Jackson. With her plethora of outfits, finding the right Lady Gaga costume is all about finding the style that appeals to you such as this Gaga inspired one-piece swimsuit, which you can wear with fierce ankle boots and gloves.

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Lady Gaga Sequin Dress

This sequin dress is a Lady Gaga favorite and was noticed at several of her concerts while she was on tour. The silver glam works with both short and long-hair styles, but needs the tall boots or high heels to carry it off.

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Lady Gaga American Flag Outfit

The great thing about Lady Gaga's fashion sense is that everything is fair game. This American Flag costume covers a wide range of options from the patriotic to the exotic.

Bad Romance Lady Gaga Costume

Bad Romance climbed the music charts and Lady Gaga's red veiled dress made waves in both her videos and appearances. The fun part of this costume is you can avoid the crazy make-up if that's not your thing.

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Lady Gaga American Music Video Awards

The recipient of numerous awards, Lady Gaga scored points with her fans in this mini white number that paid homage to the Go-Go outfits of the 60s.

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Lady Gaga Wig Bow Clip

In addition to her outrageous costumes, the Lady Gaga look needs accessories including this gorgeous hair bow clip.

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Lady Gaga Official Wig

With so many hairstyles to choose from, this Lady Gaga platinum wig is an officially licensed look for the Gaga wannabe.

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Lady Gaga Official Sunglasses

Her eyewear is as notable as her costumes and hair styles. These official Gaga sunglasses are similar to those worn in several of her concerts and music video appearances.

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Glitter Make Up

When you've picked out your outfit, your wig and other accessories, don't forget to pick up some flashy glitter based makeup. From rhinestone makeup to glitter decorations, every Lady Gaga look emphasizes the unique.

Lady Gaga Is Attitude

Whether you're choosing a costume for a party, a performance or some other event, Lady Gaga is about her attitude. You have to not only wear the costumes, hair pieces and make up, but you have to own it. So dress up, put on your poker face and don't forget to enjoy!

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Lady Gaga Costumes