Gypsy Costume Accessories

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Travel the gypsy road in style.

Free your nomadic spirit with gypsy costume accessories and treasures. Whether you live a well traveled life or bare roots, you can embrace bohemia easily by acquiring a few unique and distinctive pieces that speak to your unearthed soul.

The Gypsy Woman

The gypsy woman has a flowing style that works together effortlessly by embracing a variety of textures and tones. The following basic accessories are tangibles in a gypsy wardrobe:

  • Bangles: Gold or silver, which one doesn't matter, so long as there is plenty. Layer and layer your bangles. And then add some more.
  • Chandelier earrings: Shake and shimmy and show off your jawline with a fabulous pair of chandelier earrings that add movement and swing with every step. Opt for gold or silver earrings or add sparkle and interest with a gem-adorned pair.
  • Bohemian blouse: A basic white bohemian blouse is foundational for a gypsy wardrobe. Opt for the highest quality cotton you can afford, as this is a piece that will be in constant wardrobe rotation.
  • Head scarves: Embracing a bohemian spirit is easy by tying a wide scarf around your head. Simply take a rectangle scarf, fold it in half, place across your forehead and tie in the back. Loosen haphazardly.
  • Feathers and fringe: One trend with no end in sight, feathers and fringe accents create the wild child look of gypsy accessories. Add feathers to your hair with extensions or clip in pieces, and be sure to carry some sort of fringe either on your bag or feet to add swing and flow.
  • Leather goods: Vegan or authentic, broken in and rustic accessories help to create gypsy woman style. Whether it be a pair of flat suede boots or a large bohemian bag dripping with fringe, leather or leather-look alike accessories give your gypsy costume an authentic look. If your budget allows, splurge on a single basic wardrobe item that will help create the base for all of your gypsy looks.
petticoat style top
Petticoat Style Top
  • Camisoles and corsets: Camis and corsets add a feminine and sexy touch to a bohemian based wardrobe. Be sure to have a few basic petticoat style tops on hand to wear under loose cardigans and over slip dresses. Create shape and structure with coin belts, leather sashes or tribal beaded belts. Collect lace intimates and take care of them for years of pretty wear.

The Gypsy Man

Much like a female gypsy, nomadic men opt for packable and wearable clothing and accessories that look their best rumpled and thrown together with ease. Linen, cotton and wool fibers create a base wardrobe for a gypsy man. The following items should be staples in any man's caravan:

  • Loose lounge pants: Casual cotton pants can be paired from winter through summer if suede sandals are worn in warm climates and desert boots worn in the cold.
  • Rope belts and leather goods: Cast a time traveled look and invest in a leather cord necklace that can be worn at varied lengths. Sure to become a signature piece, a suede or leather cord can be worn with pendants and crystals to coins and tusks. For belts, opt for sashes, hemp or rope varieties. A wide suede sash can help add structure to a tunic while customizing the fit of a pair of cotton pants or shorts.
  • Head wear and wraps: To help bear the heat in the summer, wrap a scarf around your head and channel the desert spirit. A loose linen scarf can be knotted several times to create a gypsy swath of fabric that adds both mystery and movement. A suede floppy hat is yet another basic gypsy piece that can add a folkloric touch to your treasured accessory collection.
  • Jingle: Make some noise as you run barefoot with a bunch of jingly jewelry. Beads wrapped in circles around your wrist will add an organic and authentic touch. To keep accessories masculine, opt for natural materials such as wood, shells and stones.

Where to Shop

You don't need to steal like a gypsy to dress like one. The following Internet shops carry tons of authentic gypsy accessories for a wide range of budgets:

  • Forever 21: Shop this trendy chain store for all your gypsy jewels and bangles. Earrings, scarves and floppy hats can all be had for less.
  • Free People: For a better selection of quality goods such as corsets, slips and layering camisoles, Free People is the place. Leather goods can also be found along with their newest collection of authentic one of a kind pieces named Vintage Love. True gypsies are likely to find this store out of budget, fear not the sales and in-store clearance racks level the playing field.
  • Etsy: Pay some praise to the true artists and makers of bohemian goods by shopping direct. Etsy offers everything from head wraps and leather goods to handmade sandals and britches. You can create a worldly collection with just a click and often create a custom order.
  • All Saints: Fresh from the streets of London, be sure to shop All Saints Spitalfield now that they have United States shipping and a flagship store. Men's accessories include gypsy and rustic leather goods, britches and slouchy leggings and for women, feel free to find your favorite bohemian blouse and suede boots.

The Rules

What fun would rules be if they couldn't be broken? Let your inner rebel shine and feel free to throw caution to the wind in the name of gypsy love. Yes, men can wear scarves and jewelry. Women shouldn't be afraid to show some skin when choosing a wide neck bohemian blouse. It's okay to be rumpled and have swing when you walk. Embrace your youthful spirit and just do what feels right. Once you've created a basic wardrobe of gypsy accessories and clothing, never part with your treasures. The gypsy life is filled with adventure. Hold onto the memories and create a tapestry of your favorite signature pieces. When layered together, this is true gypsy style.

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Gypsy Costume Accessories