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Dance Costumes

Are you looking for information about consignment dance costumes? Whether you have a supply of costumes that you would like to sell or if you're looking for an affordable resource to purchase dance performance attire for yourself, your child or for a group of dancers, a consignment retailer that specializes in dancewear might be an excellent option.

About Consignment Dance Costumes

Dance costumes are not cheap. High quality performance costumes can cost hundreds of dollars, yet are typically worn only a few times. Consignment retailers make it possible for those who purchase dance performance outfits to recover some of the cost by selling them to others who can put them to good use. These types of retailers also enable people who need to purchase dance costumes to buy secondhand outfits that are still in good condition for amounts that are significantly lower than standard retail prices.

Selling Dance Costumes on Consignment

If you have one or more dance costumes that you would like to sell, listing them with a consignment retailer is a great way to find buyers. The retailer will help you determine a fair asking price for your costumes and market them to buyers along with other inventory items. When your costumes sell, the retailer will keep a percentage of the price and send you the balance.

Before listing costumes for sale with a consignment retailer, you'll need to ensure the garments that you want to sell are in good condition. Check for loose trim, sequins, hem problems, and other issues and make any necessary repairs. You may also need to take measurements for the retailer so that exact sizing information can be provided to customers.

If you are using a local consignment store, you'll need to drop off the items you want to sell so they can be displayed to potential customers. If you're using an online specialty consignment shop, you'll need to take photos of the costumes that you want to sell and submit them to the retailer via email. They'll be published on the retailer's website for potential buyers to browse. You'll be responsible for shipping to the buyer once your costumes are purchased.

Purchasing Consignment Costumes

When you are in the market for dance costumes, it's certainly a good idea to see if you can find what you are looking for at a consignment shop or from an online consignment retailer. Purchasing a costume from a consignment retailer is a great way to save money. However, shopping for consignment costumes is not like ordering from a custom dance costume catalog.

When you shop for new costumes, you can select the style you want and order it in any size and quantity that you need. However, you can expect to pay top dollar for the convenience of ordering from a catalog. When you decide to go the consignment route, it may take a quite a bit of searching to find secondhand costume attire that meets your needs. However, the amount of money you can save by purchasing secondhand costumes on consignment can make the time you spend looking worthwhile.

Consignment Store Options for Dance Costumes

While there aren't specialty consignment costume retailers in every town, you may be lucky enough to find what you are looking for close to home. Inquire about local resources for consignment costumes at local dancewear stores, community theaters and dance schools. Even if there isn't a place where you can find consignment costumes in your community, a number of online retailers specialize in selling dance costumes on a consignment basis.

Whether you are in the market to purchase costumes or if you'd like to sell dance outfits that you no longer need, a few places that you may want to check include:

Save Money with Consignment Dancewear

Whether you are organizing a dance recital or troupe performance or if you're looking for appropriate attire to wear to an audition, purchasing consignment dance costumes can be a great way to save money on top quality outfits that meet your needs.

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Consignment Dance Costumes