Scary Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Little Red Riding Hood
Not your grandmother's Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood costumes are not just for little girls - a scary Little Red Riding Hood costume carries this classic fairy tale into a more mature and creative option for a frightfully fun Halloween. There are several ways to turn these costumes into scary ensembles, both for individuals or couples.

Options for a Scary Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Several design options can turn a basic Little Red Riding Hood costume into a scarier outfit.

Gothic Little Red Riding Hood

Instead of a sweet, innocent costume, Little Red Riding Hood can be a goth girl. To create this costume wear a black cloak with blood red lining rather than the classic all-red cloak. To add other fantastic details to make a scary, grownup Red Riding Hood include elements such as:

  • Sexy corset
  • Dark tights
  • Heavy makeup
  • Tall leather boots
  • Chain or spiked jewelry
  • Red chunks of color in dark hair

Wolf Attack Survivor

In the classic fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood is swallowed by the wolf until she is rescued by the woodsman. To give a costume a scarier touch, Little Red Riding Hood can take care of herself by surviving the attack, and even taking revenge on the wolf. Add shredded edges to the classic costume with a bit of fake blood for realism, and carry an axe with a bloody edge. Another accessory could be carrying the wolf's head in the basket - definitely a scarier option than the basket of treats the sweet little girl took to her grandmother. The wolf pelt could also be worn instead of or in addition to the classic cloak.

Werewolf Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf itself can be Little Red Riding Hood for a scary twist on the classic idea of these fairy tale costumes. A wolf costume can be turned into an impromptu scary Little Red Riding Hood by adding a cloak and basket of treats. For the scariest option, choose a wolf costume with a realistic snarling mask and red eyes to match the color of the cloak.

The Girl Who Didn't Survive

Perhaps your Little Red Riding Hood didn't survive her encounter with the big bad wolf. A zombie-themed costume augmented with a red cloak is an easy way to turn this simple fairy tale character into a scary persona. Parts of this creepy costume can include:

  • Very pale makeup and dark or red-rimmed eyes
  • Old, festering injuries
  • Ripped clothes

Couple's Costumes

Couples who want to dress up as characters from the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale can use any scary option for the woman, with different scary themes for the man, such as:

  • The injured wolf, complete with bloody wounds or a headless costume while Little Red Riding Hood carries the wolf head in her basket.
  • The woodsman, either injured or goth himself or as a werewolf to accompany Little Red Riding Hood.
  • The wolf dressed in a nightgown and cap as the girl's grandmother.

Where to Buy Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Basic Little Red Riding Hood costumes can be purchased at any costume shop, and the elements of the costume can often be found at thrift or consignment stores, or even in your own closet. Online merchants often have a wider selection of costumes, including those with deliberately scary accents. Online retailers offering Little Red Riding Hood costumes that can be scary include:

  • Mr. Costumes: Wide variety of Little Red Riding Hood costume options, including classic and sexy versions, as well as related wolf costumes and accessories.
  • Costume Craze: Assorted selection of Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf costumes, including werewolf variations and costumes for different ages and sizes.

If none of the available themed costumes are scary enough, consider looking at vampire and gothic costumes that can be turned into more unique Little Red Riding Hood outfits just by adding the cloak and basket. Depending on your wardrobe, you may also be able to create a basic Little Red Riding Hood homemade fairy tale costume with little effort or expense. Use clothing such as:

  • Simple white blouse or t-shirt, ripped or stained with fake blood for a scarier appearance
  • Dark or red skirt of any comfortable length
  • White, red, or black tights or leggings, ripped if desired
  • Simple shoes such as Mary Janes or pumps, or boots for a more gothic costume
  • Red jacket for a more modern costume, or any large piece of red cloth (such as a curtain or blanket) to serve as an impromptu cloak

Make a Classic Costume Scary

If the only costume you can find is a classic, innocent outfit, there are easy ways to turn it scarier, depending on the theme you want to follow for a horrifying ensemble.

  • Choose darker red colors for a more somber, spooky costume
  • Add black accents with jewelry, ribbons, trim, or dye
  • Wear dark makeup, especially around the eyes, and if possible, choose red costume contact lenses
  • Opt for long fake nails in blood red or black, with sharpened tips if available
  • Choose an edgy hair style such as an inverted bob or wedge in a dark red hue or black with red chunks of color
  • Carry scary accessories such as a bloody axe or butcher knife, the wolf's decapitated head, or a wolf tail

Whether you just want to add a scary edge to a classic costume or you want a more elaborately themed scary Little Red Riding Hood costume, there are many ways to turn this innocent fairy tale character into the perfect choice for a horrifying Halloween.

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Scary Little Red Riding Hood Costume