Santa's Helper Costumes


Whether for fun and play or for special appearances, the following Santa's helper costumes are sure to spread jolly cheer.

Popular Santa Helpers

Santa's helpers include Mrs. Claus, Santa's reindeer and all of the toy shop elves. Without his helpers, Santa could not make and deliver toys to all the boys and girls around the world. Santa's helper costumes are needed for parties, parades and plays. Men, women, children and even dogs can dress up as Santa's helpers. Following are ideas on buying or making your costume.


Elves are Santa's busiest helpers. Most people visualize Santa's elves as wearing little green outfits. You can make an elf costume easily by wearing green sweats and a Santa's hat. However, if you are looking for a more elaborate costume, check out the Internet for costumes you can buy or sew.

Elf Clothing Items

The easiest way to make your own elf costume is to find items around the house and put them together. Wear any of the following clothing items together and you will have your costume made in snap:

  • Green sweat pants
  • Green tights
  • Red tights
  • Red and white striped socks
  • Red or white shirt
  • Green shirt
  • Suspenders
  • Red or green bow tie
  • Little red miniskirt or shorts
  • Small black slippers
  • Small black boots
  • Elf hat
  • Santa's hat
  • Pointy elf ears
  • Long white or green t-shirt

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus is one of Santa's most important helpers. She takes good care of Santa and his elves by baking cookies and organizing the factory. There are two versions of Mrs. Claus costumes, including a sexy Mrs. Santa costume which is sure to get Santa's attention and a more mature Mrs. Santa that kids will love to hug. One of the easiest ways to dress up as Mrs. Claus is to wear a red bathrobe, sleeping cap and bifocals. Another easy way to dress up as a sexier Mrs. Claus is to wear red lingerie while holding a sprig of mistletoe. You can make or purchase a Mrs. Claus costume online at the following retailers:

  • Simplicity Pattern 2542 - Pattern for mature Mrs. Claus (linked above)
  • Santa Suits - Sexy Mrs. Claus
  • Costume Super Center - Mrs. Claus costumes and accessories


Santa could not deliver his toys to all the girls and boys without his reindeer to pull the sleigh. Reindeer costumes are very simple to make. Dress up as a reindeer by wearing a brown turtleneck and long brown pants. Purchase a reindeer headband at one of the following online stores:

Costumes for the Pooch

It is always fun to dress up your dog in a Santa costume. The following online stores offer dog costumes in reindeer, elves, or Santa styles:

Santa's Helper Costumes

Wearing your Santa's helper outfit will certainly get you and everyone around you in the holiday spirit. Whether you are pulling Santa's sleigh, making toys or simply baking cookies, dressing up as one of Santa's helpers is sure to make the season bright.

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Santa's Helper Costumes