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Putting together a great Santa costume means you need to pick the right suit. Whether you go with a spin on traditional or you create your own using accessories, the right suit will help create magical memories of this mythical man.

Learn more about each suit or accessory on the following slides by click on the "Buy It Now" or "More Details" button on the photos. Options during the holiday season are often plentiful, but a little more sparse during the off-season, resulting in a need to pre-order or keep an eye on when costumes come back into stock. Pricing also varies depending on availability, season, and sales.

Elegant Suit
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Choose a Santa costume with an elegant take on it for special events or to add an air of luxury to the jolly man's attire. The gold embroidered snowflakes, reindeer, and flourishes on the jacket and the matching cape make this suit stand out amongst the more traditional suit options.

Pricing ranges from around $100 to $260 or so, depending on the size you buy. Sizes range from Medium through X-Large.

Country Santa
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Not all Santas need to have traditional accessories. Choose a costume that features brown boots, brown leather belt, and a hood rather than hat for a rustic, country look or to depict Santa in earlier pioneering times.

Pricing is under $200 and the suit comes in a standard adult size.

Victorian Santa
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Classic and regal robes create a beautiful Victorian Santa costume. The gold belt, along with the green robe and hooded cape, give a nod to history while still creating a fetching Santa costume.

At around $60, this standard adult size costume is an affordable choice.

Quick and Easy
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If you just need a festive Santa suit for a Christmas fun run, holiday party, or other celebrations, consider going with a tee shirt. This one has the classic white fur trim, bright red color and bold black belt that a full suit offers, but in tee shirt form. It's also a fun shirt for Christmas Eve or morning. Pair it with red or black pants, black boots, and a hat to finish the look.

Pick it up in sizes Small through XX-Large under $25.

Santa Overalls
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Santa isn't always dressed in his full suit. These overalls would be an excellent choice when Santa is in his workshop or working outside with his reindeer.

It's inexpensive, too, at less than $30 for one size fits most.

Bah Humbug Santa Suit
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Not all Santas have to be cheery fellows. This traditionally styled black suit features the words "Bah Humbug" across the hat. Use it at an adult holiday party or if you need a 'bad' version of Santa for a play or skit.

Find it in an adult standard size for less than $30.

Super Santa
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Santa is a hero to many children, so consider highlighting this with an actual superhero costume for Santa. This is a great option for older kids and parties with a superhero theme around the holidays.

The costume comes in Medium and Large for under $80.

Hat and Beard Accessories
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If you have a bright red robe or jacket from another costume or event, consider making your own Santa costume. Do so by picking up accessories that will complete the look without busting your budget.

Since it's difficult to grow a full Santa beard in time for the holiday season, purchasing a beard and mustache set is a must. This one combines it with the hat, ensuring that nothing will go askew as Santa listens to what little girls and boys have on their wish lists. Get this entire set for under $16.

Santa's Boots
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The traditional fur-trimmed boots are a must for anyone who is putting together a Santa costume. Look for a pair in traditional black with the familiar white fur at the top.

The black synthetic pair comes in sizes Small through X-Large, with prices varying depending on the size you purchase, between $40 and $60 a pair.

Santa's Gloves
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Gloves are a must in the cold North Pole and to keep Santa's hands from getting dirty while delivering gifts. Add white gloves to your homemade costume to make sure you keep Santa in character. These white cotton gloves are under $10.

Santa's Sack
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No Santa is complete without his sack full of toys for good girls and boys. The drawstrings make it easy to have wrapped presents peaking out.

Add this red velour bag to your suit for less than $15 and your costume will be complete.

Traditional Santa
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While finding a unique twist to the common Santa or making your own costume can be fun, nothing can beat a traditional Santa costume. The classic red velvet coat and pants, wide black belt and boots, hats, and gloves, are instantly recognizable by children of all ages. Sizes range from Men's Large to Men's X-Large. Prices vary depending on what size you buy, with several at under $50 and the larger sizes under $110.

Regardless of whether you choose a full costume, make your own with accessories, or look for a more unique Santa suit, you have plenty of options in a range of styles. Add someone in an elf costume and Mrs. Claus costume to create a holiday trifecta of characters for your next party or event.

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