Deadpool Costume Ideas

Deadpool action figure

The comic book superhero Deadpool is growing in popularity. Whether you love reading the stories in the books or loved the movie, you too can dress like the superhero. Purchase or make your own Deadpool costume for Halloween, comic-con or just for fun.

Face Mask

The facial area of the Deadpool character is a key feature in creating the costume.

Full Fabric Mask

Create your own full fabric face mask out of the sleeve of a thin red shirt. Use a man's large sized, long-sleeved shirt as the base for your mask.


  • Men's large long-sleeved red shirt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue with glue gun
  • Black felt
  • White nylon stockings, optional


  1. Cut the sleeve off of the shirt where it meets the torso. Put the sleeve over the head of the person who is going to wear the costume. Make sure the wearer is able to breathe easily through the fabric.
  2. Make a mark about five inches above the wearer's head.
  3. Take the sleeve off and cut the excess fabric above the mark you made.
  4. Fold the opening down and hot glue or sew it together to close the gap.
  5. Put the red sleeve mask back on the head and carefully mark where the eye holes should be.
  6. Remove the mask and use scissors to cut eye holes.
  7. Use black felt to create the black oval shape around the eye holes, sew or hot glue the shape to the mask, and cut the eye holes open again.

If you want to make the mask look more authentic, cut two small squares of white nylon stockings and hot glue them onto the inside of the mask to cover the eye holes. This will give the mask the white eyes and will still allow the wearer to see.

Knit Beanie

Deadpool mask

A quick and easy way to make a Deadpool headpiece is to use a red beanie or stocking cap. Simply cut black felt into the oval black shape that appears on Deadpool's face and cut some white eye shapes. Glue the black and white pieces onto the hat using a hot glue gun. The hat will sit on top of the head and will still allow the wearer's face to be exposed. This is a good solution for children who might be afraid to have their faces covered and will give them an unobstructed view while walking around.

Face Paint

Face paint is a practical way to create the look of the Deadpool character, especially for children. Use red make-up paint over the entire face and use black face paint to create the black areas. To cover hair, use red temporary hair color or a red hat.

Commercial Masks

If you don't want to make your own mask, you can buy one at a variety of retailers.

Bodice and Legs

No Deadpool costume is complete without the iconic red and black bodice.

Child's Sleeper

If your little one wants to dress up like Deadpool, consider using a red one-piece sleeper for the bodice and legs of the costume. Cut two large rectangles out of black felt to sew onto the sides (under the armpits) of the suit. You can also use the felt to create the black shoulder pads, collar and stripes around the biceps.

Red Turtleneck and Pants

Homemade Deadpool top

Use a red turtleneck and pants as the base of your Deadpool costume. Use black fabric paint to create the black portions of the costume. To get the right shape, experiment with a cardboard template before you apply the paint.

Red Leotard and Tights

Deadpool's outfit is very form fitting, so a red leotard and tights can make for the perfect start of a costume. Use a red long-sleeved leotard to create the bodice and red tights or stockings for the legs of the costume. Use a black permanent marker to add the black areas of the costume.

Commercial Costumes

If DIY isn't your thing, consider purchasing your Deadpool costume.

  • Men's costume - For under $200 you can purchase this full Deadpool suit from CosplayPark or if you want a less expensive option, you can get's for under $30. The pricier version resembles both the movie and comic book character though leans towards the movie version; the cheaper option has the sword straps styled more like the comic book character.
  • Women's costume - Purchase a Deadpool costume from Bonanza for under just under $100.
  • Children's costume - There are several options when looking for a child-sized Deadpool costume. The outfits range in price from a $25 version from CosplayWear to match the comic book image, to a more expensive movie version for over $200 from OSCostumes.

Deadpool Costume Accessories

Deadpool Athletic Socks
Deadpool Athletic Socks

An important element of the Deadpool costume is the accessories.


  • Create your own Deadpool boots by starting with a pait of black army style boots. Attach stripes of red duct tape to the tops and cuffs.
  • A simpler way to create this look is to wear socks. This is a good solution for children especially if the costume will be worn indoors, such as for dress-up or for an indoor Halloween party. Socks can also be worn over shoes or slippers.
  • You can purchase the Deadpool boots from Tactical 360 for under $100.


  • Create your own Deadpool belt buckle by cutting a circle out of red poster board. Cut out the negative space from the circle to create the look of the belt buckle, then hot glue it to the existing buckle on a brown belt.
  • If you want to add the iconic pouches to the belt, spray paint empty dental floss cases and other small boxes brown and then hot glue or duct tape the items to a brown belt.
  • You can also purchase a Deadpool Belt for around $20.

Weapons and Pouches

  • A simple way to create the weapons from the Deadpool series is to cut them out of cardboard. Be sure to spray paint them black or silver and make cardboard pouches for them to fit inside.
  • You can also look around your child's toy box in search of props for the costume. If you can't anything appropriate, consider a trip to the dollar store. You can easly make pouches by creating envelopes out of felt and attaching them onto the belt, or onto black ribbon that can be tied around arms or legs.
  • Consider purchasing this play weapon set from Walmart.
  • Use belts to match the sword holster. To resemble the comic book icon's holster, make sure the straps circle your shoulders. To create the movie character's, cross two on your chest to make an X.


  • An easy way to create Deadpool gloves is to use red or black rubber gloves and add bands to the top of them by attaching stripes cut from a black leather belt or with black duct tape.
  • Black knit gloves with bands of red duct tape or felt are another simple option.
  • You can also purchase Deadpool gloves for your costume.

Creating a Customized Costume

Making your own costume can help assure that the costume suits your own specifications and size. Buying your costume will save a lot of time. Consider purchasing certain elements of your costume and creating custom pieces too.

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Deadpool Costume Ideas