Zorro Costumes

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From 1920's The Mark of Zorro to Antonio Banderas in The Legend of Zorro, Zorro has captured the imaginations of generations of moviegoers, making Zorro costumes a classic costuming choice.

Dress Up Like Zorro

The Basic Zorro Costume

Zorro's costume consists of black pants, a black belt, a black shirt, black boots, a black cape, a black mask, and a black flat-brimmed hat. In addition to keeping his identity a secret, Zorro's all-black costume lends an air of mystery to the character. The shirt is often a lace-up V-neck shirt for a more old-fashioned look. Some costumes use a black bandanna to cover the head instead of the hat. Zorro capes may be shorter than the capes commonly used for other Halloween costumes like vampire costumes, falling just below the waist. They can also be full-length capes. Black gloves with gauntlets to cover the forearm are optional.

Buying Zorro Costumes

Zorro guy
Zorro costume for adult man

There are several options for Zorro costumes available from costume stores:

When buying pre-made costumes, outfits labeled "bandido" or "masked bandit" may also be suitable for use as a Zorro costume.

Homemade Costume Ideas

Because of the simplicity of the costume design, a Zorro costume is relatively easy to construct at home.

  • For the lace-up V-neck shirt, you can create your own by cutting the neck out of a long-sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck. You can cut small holes to lace a thin ribbon through, or you can create the illusion of a lace-up shirt by gluing the ribbon to the shirt in a criss-cross pattern.
  • If you don't have black boots, you can simulate the look of boots by buying or making boot tops and wearing them over black shoes.
  • Make a mask and cape from black fabric, or purchase a pre-made half-mask and cape.
  • The hat may be a more difficult piece to make. However, the flat brim can be constructed from a ring of cardboard or craft foam. Form the rest of the hat from another piece of cardboard or craft foam and glue it to the brim.

Zorro Weapons and Accessories

Zorro is a master swordsman. In addition to his sword, Zorro also employs a bullwhip. Adding authentic weapons and other accessories to your Zorro costume can take your costume to the next level.

  • The officially-licensed bull whip from The Legend of Zorro makes realistic whipping noises.
  • The Zorro sword is available in child and adult sizes. A child-sized sword that makes sword-fighting noises is also available.
  • Some Zorro characters have had a mustache, so you can add a fake one if you prefer the mustachioed bandit look.

Zorro Costumes for Everyone

Young Zorro

Costumes are available for babies, toddlers, and children. If you're concerned about visibility when using a mask, you may want to create a mask with black face paint, taking care not to get too close to your child's eyes.

Costumes for Women

While Zorro has traditionally been depicted as a man, there's no reason women can't make the most of the look. Most female Zorro costumes replace the pants with a black skirt and add a more feminine blouse, like an off-the-shoulder design. There may also be a splash of color, like red trim or even a white blouse. Most female Zorro costumes would be great as a sexy Halloween costume. However, women don't have to put on a short skirt and a low-cut blouse to become Zorro - they can also wear the traditional costume.

Be Dashing

It's not enough just to look like Zorro. You have to act like the character if you really want to impress anyone. Zorro is sleek, witty and, most of all, dashing. So, lift up your chin, throw out your chest, and burnish your fake sword with panache!

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Zorro Costumes