Wonder Woman Costumes

Wonder Woman costume

From the comic books to the classic TV series, Wonder Woman's costume remains a constant staple for trick-or-treaters and party-goers alike. This versatile costume is the perfect outfit for little girls who want to show their strong side and women who want to wear a sexy little number on Halloween night.

Licensed Costume

Licensed Wonder Woman costumes are available at many retailers, including the local big box, costume and thrift store. There are a lot of online retail options too:


  • Wonder Woman Deluxe Costume (adult): This deluxe costume comes with the traditional red and blue strapless mini dress featuring the Wonder Woman logo. It also comes with a red cape, gauntlets, boot tops and headpiece.
  • Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume (child): The deluxe child's costume features a gold headband with a red star, a red cape, and the traditional red, white and blue leotard. It also includes a gold belt and lasso, silver bracelets and boot tops.

Party City

  • Plus-Size Wonder Woman Costume (child): A plus-sized lady can feel confident and sexy in this body suit and cape made especially for the full-figured woman.

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  • Heroic Woman Wonder Costume (adult): This costume features a red bodice with gold lace closure and a pleated skirt with stars on it. It also comes with a headpiece, arm cuffs and a lasso.

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  • Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume Sexy Wonder Woman (adult): This sexy outfit includes a gold and red bodice and panties that are covered by a blue/white star shimmering fabric loincloth. It also comes with a wonder woman headpiece, shoulder guard, some arm straps and wristbands along with some accessories like a pouch, golden lasso, leg guards and shoe covers

Make Your Own

Consider designing your own Wonder Woman-inspired costume by making or buying a few key pieces.

Red Top

Look for a red bustier or corset. Spaghetti straps, strapless tops, and halter tops are best, but any cleavage-baring red top would be appropriate. For an authentic look, the top should be skintight. If you can't find one, make one out of a red tank top. Add a gold metallic trim to the neckline and arm holes.

Star-Studded Bottoms

The costume requires blue bottoms with white star accents. You have two options:

  • Wear a blue bikini bottom and attach star stickers onto it.
  • Wear a blue mini-skirt and sew small white cloth stars onto it.

Gold Belt

You will also need a large, shiny gold belt to complete the look. Many costume shops sell appropriate belts. If you cannot find the right belt, you can purchase shiny material to make the belt. Another option is to spray paint a regular belt gold.


The red cape is one of the signatures of Wonder Woman costumes. Luckily, the cape looks exactly like many other superhero capes! You can buy a generic red cape at costume stores, toy stores, and online retailers. Alternately, you can buy a large piece of Lycra or a red bed sheet and make a simple cape:

  • Lay a piece of red ribbon along the short end of a single bed sheet about one inch from the edge
  • Fold the material over the ribbon to create a pocket
  • Sew the fabric together, leaving a pocket for the ribbon
  • Gather the fabric along the ribbon
  • Tie around the neck


Wonder Woman wore very sexy thigh high red and white boots. If you cannot find red and white boots, boots of either red or white would look great. If you choose not to spend the money on new boots, platform shoes would be another hot choice.

  • Buy red boots and trim them with white duct tape
  • Add glue and white sparkle to the trim


No matter what you wear, your best accessory is a strong attitude. Carry yourself with confidence and remember that Wonder Woman is a very strong woman, as this will help pull-off the costume.

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Wonder Woman Costumes