Witch Costumes

Witch Costume

Witch costumes are a popular choice, whether you prefer a classic style or enjoy the allure of a more modern costume.

The Standard Witch Costume


The basic witch outfit starts with a long, black dress. Crafty costumers can make their own dress if they're looking for a certain fit or fabric, but the easiest way to find your witch's dress is to raid closets and visit thrift stores.


little witches

The pointed hat is a distinctive witch accessory. They are available in a range of prices, depending on the material and the quality of construction. A child will probably be better off with a cheap plastic one in case they lose or damage it, while an adult might want to spend the extra money on a hat they can use year after year. Hats are available in vinyl, velvet, and feathers. They are also offered in a variety of colors, from black to purple.


While carrying any broom will do to give the idea you're about to hop on and take to the skies, there are prop brooms available that blend with a costume better than the ones you might find in your kitchen closet. An old-fashioned broom will fit most costumes, while a black feather broom might work well with a classier witch's dress.


A cape is an optional accessory, and not all witch outfits include one. They are widely available from stores, or you can try to make your own out of a length of black fabric or a black sheet.


Witches usually have long, black hair. If your own hair doesn't fit the look, a wig can add to your costume. There are wigs with extra length, streaks of color, and attached hats.


Green face make-up is a popular choice for a witchy look. Fake skin products and prosthetics can also add realistic wrinkles, warts, and crooked noses. You could also skip the make-up, and wear a full mask.


If you're trick-or-treating as a witch, a pair of white sneakers isn't really going to add to the masquerade. While any black shoes will blend in, the best style depends on the costume. Traditional witches will want to wear old-fashioned shoes with pointed toes and buckles. You can buy shoe covers for adults and children, purchase just the buckles, or make your own buckles out of cardboard or plastic. Modern witches can choose black heels, platforms, or boots.


You can wear black pantyhose or tights to blend in with the rest of your outfit. Striped tights are also associated with witches.

Buying a Costume

Since it's such a common costume, complete witch outfits can be found at most retail stores. If you're looking for more variety in pre-made costumes, you can visit a Halloween costume store or online retailer.

Making Your Own

Several online resources provide instructions for assembling your own costume. For instance, eHow offers suggestions on creating a homemade witch costume, including an ingenious witch's nose made of aluminum foil and masking tape.

Witch Variations

  • While many witches wear black, costumes are available in a range of colors. You can find outfits in orange, hot pink , and even zebra print.
  • A sexy witch look starts with the usual witch costume basics, subtracts fabric, and adds a form-fitting cut. The "Hocus Pocus Babe Sexy Witch" and the "Bewitching Witch" are just two possibilities.
  • Wishing you could be a famous witch? You can become the Wicked Witch of the West or Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz.
  • A witch fairy costume can be made by simply adding wings to a witch outfit, or by combining a fairy costume with a witch's hat. Since you're combining costumes that are traditionally worn in light and dark colors, you can choose to be a fairy witch in deep black or a bright pastel.
  • Some witch costumes couldn't be identified as witch costumes were it not for the pointed hat. Many teen witch looks combine a schoolgirl costume with a witch's hat.
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Witch Costumes