Where's Waldo Halloween Costume

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Waldo is the star of an inventive series of children's books that hides the main character in a sea of illustrated activity. As Waldo travels the globe, he dresses in a bold red and white striped shirt, which became an iconic figure for children and adults alike. A Where's Waldo Halloween costume is a simple yet distinctive costuming choice.

Where to Buy

For a quick and readymade Waldo costume, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Men's Waldo Costume

The licensed men's Where's Waldo costume kit includes hat, glasses and striped shirt. Pair it with your own blue jeans and shoes to complete the look.

Men's Plus Size Costume

The same licensed men's shirt, hat and glasses are also available in plus size. Jeans and shoes are not included.

Women's Wenda Costume

Wenda, Waldo's female companion, is also available as a licensed costume kit. The kit includes hat, tank top, socks and glasses; add your own skirt and shoes.

Women's Wenda Plus Size Costume

Wenda's licensed costume kit is also available in plus size. The kit includes hat, shirt and glasses in size 2X.

Child's Where's Waldo Costume

Get the Where's Waldo costume kit in a child's size as well. The kit includes the hat, shirt and Waldo glasses.

Creating a Where's Waldo Halloween Costume

A Where's Waldo costume is easy to assemble with just a few key pieces.


The shirt is the most important part of a recognizable Where's Waldo Halloween costume. Waldo wears a white, long-sleeved shirt with wide, horizontal red stripes. Finding a shirt with such large stripes may be difficult, but it is easy to make your own with a plain white shirt and some fabric paint or glued-on felt. If you're crafty, knitting a sweater is another way to get just the right striped look.


Waldo pairs his iconic shirt with a pair of blue jeans. Simply find a comfortable pair in your size and you're good to go.

Final Touches

Waldo tops off his look with several accessories:

  • A short, white stocking cap with a red brim and pom-pom
  • Round, black-rimmed glasses
  • Tan messenger bag
  • Brown shoes
  • Tan walking stick in the shape of a cane

For the ultimate in Waldo authenticity, why not recreate his haircut? Waldo has short brunette hair with long, slightly wavy bangs swept forward in the front.

Waldo's Companions

Whether you're looking for group Halloween costume ideas, or you don't quite fit the Waldo look, expand your Where's Waldo Halloween costume options with supporting characters from the book series.


Let your pooch join in on the fun by dressing as Waldo's canine companion, Woof. Woof also wears a red-and-white striped shirt and a red and white hat. As with all Halloween costumes for dogs, make sure your pet's comfort take precedence over a cute costume.


Wenda is Waldo's female friend. Her costume begins with an identical shirt and hat. Instead of blue jeans, she wears a knee-length denim skirt. Combine the skirt with red-and-white striped tights and a pair of tan loafers. Check out We Love Colors to order striped tights in more than 30 colors. Match the width of the stripes in the shirt and tights to create a cleaner look. In addition to her crazy tights, Wenda also wears glasses. Her hairstyle is a longer, more feminine version of Waldo's coif. Instead of a walking stick, Wenda carries a practical red-and-white striped umbrella.


Odlaw is Waldo spelled backwards, and in many ways, this nemesis offers an inside-out version of the main character's distinctive look. Odlaw wears black pants instead of blue, and his hat and shirt are black and yellow instead of red and white. The color scheme continues down to his black and yellow shoes. He also has black hair and mustache and wears slightly tinted glasses.

Waldo Watchers

Waldo Watchers are fans of the title character following him in his travels. They also wear the trademark shirt and hat, along with blue jeans for the men and a knee-length denim skirt for the women. They really only differ from Waldo and Wenda in the details. They may not wear glasses and typically do not carry other accessories, such as a walking stick. In addition, the women wear red and white socks instead of tights with the skirts. A Waldo Watchers costume will have the greatest impact when paired with a friend dressed as Waldo.

Let People Find You

You may find that you're much easier to spot and be identified when you sport a Waldo costume this Halloween. Make sure you stand out in the crowd by using this iconic look.

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Where's Waldo Halloween Costume