WWF Costumes

WWF costumes

When it comes to the theater that is professional wrestling, one of everyone's favorite aspects are the WWF costumes. It's fun and easy to tap into your inner silly tough guy or gal in one of these outfits.

WWE and WWF Costumes

Although still commonly referred to as the WWF, the wrestling organization is now officially called the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment. This is apt, as much of the antics and outfits are purely for high entertainment value. A lot of thought goes into the creation of a wrestler's costume, but it doesn't take much effort to re-create one at home.

The easiest way to dress as your favorite WWF performer is to go to your local costume store for either a full costume or just the mask. A good online source for WWF masks is Chamber of Horrors. They offer seven popular vinyl masks ranging from about $26 to $37. The available characters are:

  • Goldberg
  • Mankind
  • Mr. McMahon
  • Sting
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • The Rock
  • The Undertaker

Sites like Halloween Plus carry the masks at a slightly lower price, but they have less selection. It's always worthwhile to search eBay if you want a mask for less money, although bear in mind that vinyl wears out easily and so a second-hand mask might not be in the best condition. You'll also want to wipe out the inside with white vinegar before wearing, so as to sterilize it.

Shop Online

Try the Wrestling Superstore for kids' Halloween costumes at $30 each. They currently carry:

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Undertaker

You can also buy a replica championship belt for $10. They have a larger selection of WCW costumes at $20 each.

Look in Rental Shops

If you don't want to own something forever, most good rental shops will carry a selection of WWF costumes. The rental route is a particularly good one for a costume like Lucha Libre, which would involve more time and sewing expertise than a lot of people have.

Make Your Own WWF Costumes

Unless you're the sort of person who needs a costume to look absolutely exact, you should try just making one. If you want to create a costume for The Rock, for example, all you need are:

  • Black trunks or shorts
  • Silver fabric paint
  • Black elbow and knee pads
  • Black ankle braces
  • Black shoes
  • Black oval sunglasses
  • Black eyeliner

The sunglasses are not recommended for trick-or-treaters or dark parties, but otherwise everything is very inexpensive and all you need to do is paint the words "The Rock" on either the front or back of the shorts and use the eyeliner to give yourself a slanted eyebrow. If you know someone who does theatrical makeup, you can arrange to have a fake eyebrow, which will look even better. Ask for some sideburns, too.

To really be The Rock, you also need a Brahma Bull on your right upper arm. A quick search on the WWE site will yield you a picture to copy.

Want to step it up even further? Go to a dance shop and get a flesh-colored long-sleeved leotard or body sock. Then go to a craft shop and get cotton batting or acrylic stuffing material. Now you can build yourself a studly upper body! This is also a good trick to keep little trick-or-treaters warm.

Going Retro

The little kids won't know him anymore, but among WWE devotees, Hulk Hogan is still a beloved character whose look is very fun and easy to copy. All you need is a cheap blond wig, or maybe a bald cap with a partial wig attached; a blond fake mustache; the fake muscles and a shirt that fastens with Velcro so you can rip it open several times, guaranteeing laughs and appreciative groans.

It's All About the Attitude

A homemade WWF costume can be much more fun, especially for a crazy character like Mankind, where you get the added benefit of carrying a sock puppet to be Socko. Remember that it's not how exact you or your little wrestler look, but how you act and feel. Now hit that mat!

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WWF Costumes