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Wearing a unique mermaid costume to your next party will help you stand out in a sea of other mythical beauties.

Mermaid Costume Craze

Mermaid costumes have always been popular with females looking to make a splash on Halloween. However, since the release of Disney's animated movie, The Little Mermaid, the desire to dress up like the legendary creatures of the sea has reached epic proportions. Girls of all ages, shapes and sizes want to look like gorgeous water creatures that mystify and charm all who come into contact with them.

The mermaid costume craze has prompted professional designers and amateur seamstresses to create unique variations on the traditional mermaid getup. Gone are the days of simple bikini tops and tails made from cardboard tubes covered in iridescent material. These days you can find everything from super sexy mermaid costumes to sweet and adorable mermaid costumes for kids.

Where to Buy Unique Mermaid Costumes

Given the mass appeal of mermaid costumes, companies from all around the world have been busy trying to outdo one another to create new and unique mermaid costumes. The rush to meet the ever growing demand for mermaid costumes has resulted in incredible options for costume shoppers of all ages both in stores and online.

The following mermaid costumes prove that you don't have to stick with traditional garb to look like a stunning sea siren:

  • Girls Mermaid Barbie Costume: This deluxe mermaid costume has all the elements you need. Unique features include a pink tiara and a bodice that has a yellow fish scale print skirt with a blue net tail.
  • Sexy Dark Sequin Mermaid Costume: There is nothing tame about this adult mermaid costume. If you want to look hot this Halloween, then slip into this revealing costume that features a shimmering, sequin-trimmed bustier top with a black and pink print form-hugging skirt and shiny black fins. Plan to use a little body tape with the top so your party doesn't turn into an X-rated affair.
  • Cosplay Mermaid Costume: You are sure to make waves at your next Halloween in this form-fitting mermaid costume. This elaborate adult costume features a shimmering purple halter-top dress that has a shiny teal bodice which finishes with a mermaid style skirt to give the impression of fins.
  • Plus Size Undersea Mermaid Costume: Proving that size doesn't matter when it comes to mermaid costumes, this unique getup fits sizes 1X and 2X. The mermaid costume dress features a comfy purple tank top with ruffled neckline and fitted green skirt with a draped ruffle at the bottom to create the classic mermaid outline. This costume also comes with a starfish hair clip. You can purchase the wig and other accessories separately.

How to Make Your Own Unique Mermaid Costume

Untraditional mermaid costumes tend to cost more than standard versions. However, you don't have to spend a lot of money on a fabulous mermaid costume if you employ some creativity and make your own at home. There are a number of different ways you can spice up an ordinary mermaid costume, including by adding unique embellishments, such as a seaweed boa or large crown made of painted seashells. Other ideas include:

Kidnapped Mermaid

This costume entails one person doing double duty. The end result is a mermaid sitting in a treasure chest being carried by a pirate. The pirate is actually a duct-tape dummy or store mannequin dressed in a white shirt and black pants. Meanwhile, the mermaid is a real live female dressed up as a mermaid. The bottom of the mermaid costume is a fake fin that sits in a treasure chest crafted from a Styrofoam cooler. The woman is dressed from the torso up in a mermaid costume, but from the waist down she dons pirate pants and boots. The complete costume makes it appear as though a pirate is carrying a beautiful mermaid in a chest filled with gold and other treasures.

Shell Mermaid

This one-of-a-kind mermaid costume is ideal for young girls. It includes making a large cardboard seashell to accommodate a little mermaid. The young girl is dressed in a realistic mermaid tail that restricts walking. She is then placed in a wagon decorated to look like the sea or a beach. You can fill the wagon with sand or add blue blankets to mimic the ocean. Then, place your little mermaid in the wagon and have an adult push her in a Halloween parade or around the neighborhood to treat-or-treat.

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Unique Mermaid Costume