Unique Couples Halloween Costumes

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Coming up with a unique couples costume ideas for Halloween or a masquerade party can make you the hit of the party or even the winner of a costume contest!

Brainstorm Ideas

Spider and Fly Halloween Costume
Spider and Fly Costume

To get creative with your dress-up theme, brainstorm with your partner to come up with unique couples costume ideas. Consider the following when coming up with a unique couples costume:

  • Make a list of your favorite movies or songs and see if you find a couples costume idea that will fit
  • Look back in history and find a famous couple to dress up as
  • Think of something crazy and off the wall to shock people
  • Think of costumes that will be a 'play on words'
  • Come up with sexy costume ideas
  • Choose something that points out the difference between men and women
  • Choose a costume that makes a political statement
  • Switch roles, for example, the man dresses as a woman and the woman dresses as a man

Simple Costumes to Make on Your Own

Black Widow Spider and Fly

With this cute costume idea, the term 'maneater' takes on new meaning because we all know that the spider eats the fly. The female in this couples costume dresses up as a black widow spider and the male dresses up as a fly.

Cardiac Arrest

When a couple wears this costume it is apparent that she is a 'heart stopper'. The female will dress up as a heart and the male dresses up as the arresting police officer. They are attached by a set of hand cuffs at the wrist.

Plug and Socket

Plug and Socket Couples Costume
Plug and Socket Costume

The plug and socket couples costume has sexual connotations. The female wears a costume that looks like a wall socket. The male wears a plug that is attached to his body right below his belt. It is obvious that his plug will fit perfectly into her socket.

Pirate and Treasure Chest

For this fun and unique couples costume idea, the guy dresses up as a pirate and the girl is the treasure chest. The pirate costume is self-explanatory. The girl wears a gold or silver t-shirt and attaches gold, silver, and pearl beads and coins to her chest area.

Guy and Girl Hershey Bars

The couples Hershey bar costume points out the difference between the male and female anatomy. Both the male and female dress up as a Hershey bar, except she is a plain Hershey bar and he is a Hershey bar with nuts.

Unique Couples Costumes Ideas

Following is a list of more couples costumes ideas that you may be able to find in a costume store or online.

  • Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Costume
    Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Costume
    Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley
  • Pebbles and Bam Bam
  • King Kong and Ann Darrow
  • Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
  • Robin Hood and Maid Marion
  • President Lincoln and Mary Todd
  • Zorro and Senorita
  • Lion and sexy lion tamer
  • Adam and Eve Costume
    Adam and Eve Costume
    Jack and Jill
  • Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle
  • Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner
  • Adam and Eve
  • Ham and eggs
  • Priest and nun
  • Priest and pregnant nun
  • Fred and Wilma Flintstone
  • Tarzan and Jane
  • Ken and Barbie
  • Frankenstein and his bride
  • Magician and assistant
  • Magician and assistant with stitches through her middle
  • Mustard and ketchup
  • Beer and lime
  • Hot dog and bun

Explore Creative Ideas

The ideas are endless for unique couple's costumes. Part of the fun of dressing up with someone is coming up with the idea together and then going shopping for it. Finding the perfect costume that fits both your personalities will surely make you the hit of the party.

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Unique Couples Halloween Costumes