Underworld Movie Costumes

Underworld Costume

Since the fourth film's 2012 release, Underworld movie costumes have become even more popular choices for vampire or werewolf-themed costume parties. Whether you choose to buy a costume or try your hand at making your own, you are guaranteed to look intimidating.

The Look of "Underworld" Movie Costumes

For those not in the know, Underworld is about the centuries-long war between the vampires and the werewolves. Selene, a vampire "death dealer" played by Kate Beckinsale, is the main character in all three films and dresses like you'd expect a vampire warrior to outfit herself. She wears a shiny, long-sleeved black body suit with a leather corset, leather gauntlets and tall black boots with heavy buckles at the top.

Selene is by far the most popular Underworld movie costume to replicate, as women are always eager to present themselves at big events like Comic-Con and other Cosplay occasions.

Shopping for a Selene Costume

The warrior costume for Selene has not yet been licensed for reproduction, possibly because the series is ongoing. Any Underworld movie costume you see for sale is either for men or is a dress for a vampire ball. While this may suit your needs for a simple party, it's not the same thing as really being Selene.

Moon Costumes

The costume at Moon Costumes consists of a turtleneck body suit and corset waistcoat, armband and gun holder to wear on the thigh. You will of course want to add the boots and coat. The coat you can come by easily if you shop for a Matrix costume, as they are so similar that they pass without question.


One of the most popular online marketplaces is also home to a few versions of the Selene costume. The pricing and sizing is impressive, but it's important to know that things up for sale on eBay should be bought immediately or else there is a great chance that someone will outbid you and the costume will slip away as quickly as you found it.

Making Your Own Costume

For anyone who is serious about Cosplay, it's much more involving to make your costume yourself, rather than hire someone to custom design one for you.

  • The hardest part is the corset, so in this instance, you may want to have it made by someone with experience. If you just want to keep it simple, any lingerie store or the intimates section of a department store will have a hefty amount in stock.
  • Buy a plain black body suit from a dance or lingerie store. Make sure that it has a shapewear look and feel because you want it to appear to have substance, not flimsy.
  • You can search any thrift store or women's shoe store for a pair of Selene's trademark boots.
  • You don't have to wear the coat - as Selene doesn't wear it all the time either. However, if you choose to, you may have a hard time finding it in the off season, but during the colder months coat retailers and department stores should a wide selection.


Selene has blue eyes and fangs and carries shiny black guns. You don't have to wear contact lenses, of course, but everything else is easily available from any costume supply store or online. If you want to do her black hair as well, you should look for a second-hand wig and cut it to the specifications using stills from the film as a guide.

All About the Fantasy

Part of the fun of dressing up as your favorite character from a film, television show or book is creating the fantasy. It's a chance to step inside the make-believe world for a moment and live vicariously through the character, in this case Selene. Once you're in full costume, just make sure you have as much fun as possible!

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