Top Five Easy Homemade Costumes


The following top five easy homemade costumes prove you don't need professional sewing skills or a ton of cash to make a head turning costume. Whether you want to design something crafty for a sense of accomplishment, or need to rely on at-home supplies for an affordable garment, these ideas will leave you with plenty of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.

Top Five Easy Homemade Costumes and Ideas

Homemade costumes have a sense of charm all of their own. Unlike store bought, readymade costumes, homemade costumes have a distinctive and one of a kind look that elevates their level of whimsy. While store bought costumes are an easy route, the expense or lack of availability may have you considering a homemade option instead. Rather than fuss over patterns and fabrics, these easy costume ideas can be pulled together with a few accessories and props normally found within the home. Take a look at how easy it can be to stand out in a costumed crowd with any of these top five easy homemade costume inspirations.

1. Witch

A witch is by far one of the easiest costumes to create. Just think of the endless witch inspirations, and you'll have plenty of ideas. If you have a long black dress, whether it is velvet, brocade, satin or polyester, it can be turned into a witch's costume with just a few more key pieces. A witch hat is a must have adornment, but that doesn't mean it has to be black. Get creative and add netting, dried flora or attach spiders to a regular witch hat to add some serious wow factor. Whether you paint your face green, or opt for a dark gothic lipstick, you can create a variety of chilling or gruesome looks. Don't forget to top off your easy homemade costume with the kitchen broom. Simply tie a big ribbon on the end or spray paint the handle black for a quick witch-worthy flying broomstick. Away you go!

2. Ghost

While a ghost costume takes the cake for simplicity, that doesn't mean it has to be boring. A simple white sheet with eye hole cutouts may be all you need to create a regular ghost costume, but for a unique ghost with the same supplies, simply add some tatters to the end of the sheet by cutting vertical sections at the bottom hem. Rather than opt for traditional circle eye holes, consider making jagged slits to add some interest and drama to your look. Rather than a simple mouth hole, carve a toothy grin similar to a jack-O-lantern for even more fright.

3. Pirate

Pirates are a favorite unisex costume idea for good reason. Pirate costumes are easy to create and have a rugged appeal. For men, opt for a white long sleeve button down shirt paired with black pants. Tie a red bandana or your head, a rope around your waist, and add a fake clip on earring. Layer gold chains for a more authentic look. Women can rock a sea wench look with a variety of peasant skirts or dresses. Pair your skirt with a smocked top, a head wrap or bandana, lots of bangles, gold necklaces and hoop earrings. Top your look off with a pair of pointed booties and fishnet stockings. Surrender the booty!

4. Ninja

Show off your stealth moves in an easy to make ninja costume. This look can be made as sexy as you desire, so go ahead an unleash your fantasies! A pair of black pants (opt for leather if you want something racy) a tight fitted black t-shirt or bodysuit, and a pair of black leather boots will create the bottom half of your ninja suit. For the face, either cut eyeholes in a black beanie or wear a black store bought mask. Once you've got your face covered, you can grab a fake sword or knife for special effects.

Farmer Costume

5. Farmer

A farmer or a farmer's daughter look is yet another easy to create homemade costume. A pair of overalls paired with a flannel shirt, a cowboy or baseball hat and a pair of rugged boots is all you need for the farmer.Don't forget to chew on a piece of hay for authenticity. For a younger, more youthful costume for women, opt for a flannel shirt tied at the waist, a pair of short denim shorts or fitted denim jeans, and a pair of boots. Pigtails will help add some whimsy to your costume. For even more drama, make circular blush spots on your cheeks and add some freckles with a brown eyeliner. Need a prop? Grab a pitchfork!

Get Creative

Creating a homemade costume requires little more than an active imagination. If you can envision it, you can create it. Think outside the box and rely on a few common household items to create a unique, one of a kind look. Feel free to improvise, and don't plan on perfection. Work with what you have, and you'll have a greater sense of accomplishment.

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Top Five Easy Homemade Costumes