Top 5 Costume Accessories

Ritz up your costume wardrobe!

If want to build a unique costume wardrobe, be sure to add the following top 5 costume accessories to your must-have list. You'll find that putting together a fun and interesting costume will be much easier when you have a few -- or even all five -- of these items on hand!

Top 5 Costume Accessories

Whether you're a costume fanatic or just want to have a few basic supplies on hand for any impromptu dress-up events, accessories are one of the best ways to create unique costume looks on a budget. The following top 5 accessories make it easy for you have endless creativity and options whether designing your own suit or simply scouring your closet for an original idea. While availability of costume accessories may vary based on the season, several of these accessories can be purchased year-round no matter your budget.

1. Swords and Shields

Whether you want to channel your inner-pirate or save the captive princess, you'll need a knight-worthy sword and shield. Swords are a beloved weapon amongst most men and little boys who crave to live vicariously through some of their favorite storybook dragon-slayers and characters. While a foam sword and shield are some of the best bets for children, a custom wooden set can be purchased from crafters on websites such as Etsy, ensuring a lifetime of pretend battle and play.

2. Feather Boa

There's not too many young gals or women who will deny the appeal of a vibrant feather boa. Feather boas add a flamboyant touch to nearly any costume. If you want drama, a feather boa is sure to deliver. Whether you want to crate an ethereal fairy look or dress up as the Broadway musical Annie's Miss Hannigan, a feather boa is a must. Available year-round in craft supply stores such as Jo-Ann fabrics, stock up on an assortment of colorful feather boas for endless hours of girly fun!

3. Masquerade Mask

masquerade masks

There's no need to invest in expensive and hard to wear latex masks when you can make your own masquerade mask. Masquerade masks are perfect for New Year's Eve parties, Mardi Gras celebrations and even a Phantom of the Opera reenactment. A simple plain white mask can be purchased at craft stores and adorned as needed to create the desired costume effect. For a simple rainy day project for kids, lay out a few masks with embellishments such as sequins, feathers and paints and allow their creativity to shine! Whether you emulate cops and robbers or make a feathered bird-like mask, masquerade theme accessories are one of the top five costume accessories you must have!

4. Cape or Cloak

No costume wardrobe would be complete without a mystical cape. Whether you don a cape down a foggy dirt road in full Headless Horseman suit, or skip through the forest dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, you'll need a cape to complete your look. There are endless cape styles available on the costume market. For a medieval theme, opt for a full length velvet cloak, for a vampy costume, a Dracula inspired mid calf cape with notched collar is sure to fit the bill. For the most basic and versatile cape style that will work for a a variety of costume ideas, opt for a simple cape in a black, brown or red hue. While dark colors work for nearly any costume idea, a bright red hue is a better choice for those wanting to channel their inner superhero.

5. Witch Hat

A witch hat is a must-have!

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? A witch's hat ends the list of the top 5 costume accessories that every costume aficionado must-have. A witch's cap lends itself perfectly to a last minute costume idea, while serving up a good dose of drama and scare. Whether you adorn your witch's hat with faux flowers for a quirky and feminine look or keep it basic and black, a witch hat is the perfect affordable accessory for brewing up a multitude of looks.

Scour for Bargains

Costume accessories should be fun and eclectic, so take the time to scour vintage resale stores and auction sites such as eBay for the most unique selection of these timeless accessories. Once you've collected all 5 of your goodies, why not pack them in a treasure chest intended for make-believe play? No matter your age, there's nothing more fun than a chest filled with imaginary threads and accessories. With the above forementioned accessories on hand, you're sure to have a unique and original costume idea whenever a festive dress-up occasion arises!

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Top 5 Costume Accessories