Tooth Fairy Costume

Tooth fairy costume

Dressing up in a tooth fairy costume can be fun for Halloween or anytime of the year to celebrate a lost tooth.

Purpose of the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is a tradition based on a legend in which a fairy gives children money or gifts in exchange for their lost baby teeth. When a child loses his tooth he places it under his pillow. While he is sleeping the tooth fairy takes the tooth and puts money under the pillow without waking the child.

Tooth Fairy Costume Ideas

The stereotypical tooth fairy wears tights, a leotard top, a tutu skirt, and wings. The costume color theme is usually pink, purple, or light blue pastel and very sparkly. When making your tooth fairy costume plan to include scarves and feather boas to give it an ethereal and dream like quality. Sheer fabrics such as netting are a good option for the wings and tutu.

For footwear, wear ballet slippers, other bedroom slippers, or go barefoot. It is easy to make a tooth fairy costume for a girl because tights, tutus, and leotards are available in most stores. The wings can be purchased at Halloween in conjunction with any fairy costume. For a boy tooth fairy, skip the tutu, tights, and leotard and opt for pants, shirt, and wings.


Wear sparkly eye shadow and lip-gloss. Put flowers in your hair or face paint sparkles and stars on your face.

Accessories and Embellishments

Make your costume extra special with added sparkles. Sew sequins on the tutu or spray it with adhesive glitter spray. Holding a fairy wand is optional. Carry a small basket or wrist purse to collect the lost teeth and coins.

Tooth Fairy Inspirations

The movie The Tooth Fairy staring Dwayne Johnson, also known as 'The Rock' from his professional wrestling career, hit the big screen in 2009 and made it extremely sexy for men to dress as a tooth fairy. In the beginning of the movie Dwayne Johnson finds himself suddenly transformed into a tooth fairy because of his lack of belief in children's traditions.

When he is transformed into a tooth fairy, he is wearing the stereotypical costume with pink muscle bound tights, leotard, a tutu skirt, and wings. Mid-movie his costume consists of shiny light blue pants, shirt, and wings. Towards the end he is portrayed as a tooth fairy tough guy wearing black jeans, tight t-shirt and tooth fairy accessories that look more like gunslinger attire.

Patterns for Making a Fairy Costume

Making a complete costume will be easy if you love to sew. Buy a fairy costume from one of the major sewing pattern companies. The following pattern companies all have adorable costumes for all ages and sizes.


Be creative and inventive when making tooth fairy inspired costumes. Look through your closet or go to garage sales and find old formal dresses to convert. Adding wings and sparkles can convert any dress into the perfect tooth fairy. Carrying a little velvet pouch that has coins to trade for teeth will complete your outfit.

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Tooth Fairy Costume