Tokyo Mew Mew Costumes

Book covers offer inspiration.
Book covers offer inspiration.

If you're part of a group of girls wanting an anime look and have some time and/or money to spend on it, dress yourselves in Tokyo Mew Mew costumes. You're guaranteed to be eye-catching.

Buying Tokyo Mew Mew Costumes

Queens of Cosplay, the Tokyo Mew Mew look, if done correctly, is not cheap. However, if you're willing to spend the money, you will look absolutely fantastic.

An excellent online source for the full range of Tokyo Mew Mew costumes is Black Cerenity. They carry both the "ordinary girl" costumes and the "superhero" costumes, all in sizes from small to extra-large. For most of them, you have to provide your own shoes. Here is what you'll find:

  • Ichigo - Cat ($170)
    • There is a pink, red-trimmed corset top and pink ruffled skirt, which goes down to mid-thigh and has a petticoat. Also included are two pink and red arm bands, cat ears, a cat tail with a bow and bell, a pink and red garter, a pink and red collar with a gold pendant and red gloves with an attached red bow and gold bell.
  • Minto - Bird ($150)
    • The dress is aqua-green, form fitting and sleeveless. It goes down to mid-thigh and has a fanned blue tail attached. Included are two aqua-green and dark green arm bands, an aqua-green and dark green garter, aqua-green gloves and an aqua-green and dark green collar with a gold pendant.
  • Purin - Monkey ($150)
    • The costume consists of a yellow body suit with straps that go around the neck and attach to a yellow and orange collar, which has a gold pendant. The legs are trimmed in orange. Included are orange gloves, two yellow and orange arm bands, a yellow and orange garter, a monkey tail and yellow stockings with orange ribbon to wrap around them.
  • Retasu - Porpoise ($160)
    • The costume is comprised of a green, sleeveless top that is form-fitting, with two tails at the back that descend to the knees and two on the front that descend to the upper thigh. There is a bikini bottom made from Lycra. The costume also consists of two green and white arm bands, a green and white garter, a green and white collar with a gold pendant and two strips of white hair ribbons.
  • Zakuro - Wolf ($190)
    • More expensive because it includes thigh-high magenta boots, the costume also features a magenta top that snaps in the back and has a light-pink trim. There are magenta shorts which extend down to mid-thigh, two arm bands and a garter.

    At $190 each are also all the so-called "Maid" costumes the girls wear in their real lives. They all consist of a dress, apron, bloomers and hat, very ruffly and sexy. All the costumes are made of slipper satin.

Doing It Yourself

You can't be into Cosplay and not be a devotee of eBay. Never forget that eBay is your friend. The above costumes can often be found on eBay, sometimes for as much as half the retail price. But if you sew and just need a few bits, you can save a ton of money and make a costume fitted to you and thus even more exact. To make an Ichigo costume, for example, one Cosplayer found a pink wig on eBay, trimmed in some bangs, and added handmade ears. Here's how to put together the rest of the costume, provided you sew:
  • Red gloves can usually be found on eBay or in a thrift shop. Trim with ribbon and a gold pendant. You can find cheap ones in toy stores and paint them with gold paint so they sparkle.
  • The choker is easily made with pink satin, which you might be able to find as a remnant, and red ribbon. Add a pendant as above.
  • For the top, you can buy a cheap corset top and sew pink fabric over it and then trim. You will have to know what you're doing, because you don't want the fabric to crease or buckle.
  • For the skirt, you can make a simple pink circle skirt and either add your own ruffles, double the layers, or buy a short pink crinoline, which are always available on eBay.
  • Arm bands and garters can be made from scraps.
  • Buy a cat tail and add a bell, which you can pick up in any pet store.
  • If you want to really go the whole way and make the boot covers, you'll have to have a lot of patience. Unless you're an expert sewer, you might be best off using a stretchy fabric. It won't look as good as satin, but it'll save you a lot of headache.

Long live Mew Mew Power!

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Tokyo Mew Mew Costumes