Toddler and Child Bride Costumes

Child in a bride costume

They might not be ready to meet Prince Charming, but toddler and child bride costumes are fun for girls to play dress up and cute costumes for Halloween or costume parties.

Bride Costume Appeal

Nearly every girl dreams of her fairytale wedding, and that includes a beautiful dress! With every love-struck princess in the infamous Disney films eventually being wed to her prince, is it any wonder little girls would love to be the beautiful bride?

Even the youngest children love to play pretend, and their play often involves adult occupations or roles. The romantic and princess-like appeal of a bride's costume can win out over many other choices. Young girls may have recently attended or been in a wedding, or even seen advertisements about wedding dresses, and want the fun of a wedding dress-up costume.

Wearing a bride costume for most toddlers and young girls, however, has far less to do with any thought of eventually getting married than it does dressing up in a pretty, poufy, sparkling white dress with a tiara of flowers in her hair! For younger toddlers, parents may choose a sweet bridal outfit for their little one over spookier choices like witches for Halloween.

Types of Toddler and Child Bride Costumes

There are many styles of bride costumes for girls and toddlers. Traditional style wedding dress costumes, complete with veil, are available as well as many other fun renditions.

Sweet Bride Costumes

Sweet bride costumes for girls have many features similar to wedding dresses, although the materials are naturally lower quality than an actual wedding dress. There are many high-quality costumes that will hold up to the strain of dress-up as well as less-expensive versions that might be best suited to occasional wear.

Traditional and other sweet bridal costumes are white and often made with satiny material, tulle, ruffles, puffed sleeves, sequins, flower accents, beads, faux pearls, lace, and other accents and embellishments that mimic the lovely styles of classic wedding dresses. Some costumes even have hoop skirts or bustles! Contemporary touches, such as the splash of pink in the Barbie Annelise bridal costume, are seen in some styles as well. Popular styles if bride costumes for toddlers and children include:

  • Traditional bride
  • Fairytale bride
  • Winged fairy bride
  • Princess bride
  • Renaissance bride
  • Native American costume bride
  • Glamour/vintage bride
  • Ballerina bride
  • Barbie
    • Annelise bride
    • Erika bride
    • Pretty bride
    • Elegant bride
    • Blushing bride
    • My Wedding Day costume

Scary Bride Costumes

Scarier Halloween costume versions of bridal costumes are also available, although most of these are in children's sizes rather than toddler's. While toddler girls may want the shiny satin and ruffles over a monster bride costume, older children may opt for the spooky and creepy bridal ensembles, such as:
  • Goth bride
  • Monster bride
  • Corpse bride
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • Skeleton bride
  • Punk bride
  • Dracula bride

Where to Buy Bridal Costumes for Children and Toddlers

Royal Bride Costume at
Royal Bride Costume

Many costume retailers carry different styles of bridal children's and toddler's costumes. These range in price from under twenty dollars for simple costumes to over seventy dollars for deluxe costumes.

Keep in mind that many costumes may not include accessories and you may need to purchase shoes, tights, headpieces, tiaras, veils, and faux bouquets separately.

Costume shops that carry toddler and child bride costumes include:

  • carries a lovely fairytale bridal costume that is available in both children's and toddlers' sizes.
  • Costume Craze offers Barbie bride and other bride styles in toddler and child sizes. also has many different styles of wedding dress costumes available in baby, toddler, and children's sizes.

Creating Your Own Children's Bride Costume

You can make your own costume for a toddler or child for a budget costume or to simply create a one-of-a-kind bridal dress-up look. You can begin with a simple white dress, or look for velvet, satin-type materials or frilly white dresses on clearance after Easter or Christmas.

Make the base dress wedding worthy by adding some layers of tulle, lace or netting with some simple tack stitches or hot glue. You can also add other details and accents, such as satin ribbon, small flowers, strips or faux pearls, sequins, or rhinestones on the skirt or bodice.

Affix a layer, or several layers, depending on how full the little bride wants her veil, to a girl's tiara, crown, or other headpiece. A flowered headband, bunwrap, or simple updo with flower can be a lovely alternative for toddlers who may become fussy with the veil. White shoes and tights and simple bouquet of silk flowers completes the look. For an instant bouquet, group several similarly colored flowers together and tie with a white ribbon.

An option for pretend play, adorable at Halloween and parties, and just all-around fun, toddler and child bride costumes are a fun and unique way to for girls to dress up any time of year.

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Toddler and Child Bride Costumes