Best Toddler Costumes

Toddler Costumes

Toddlers love dressing up, but choosing an age-appropriate costume for the littlest trick or treaters and dress-up enthusiasts is not always an easy task. Safety and comfort considerations are paramount, but the child also has to like the costume. These ten costumes are popular with parents and kids alike.

Pumpkin Costume

There's a reason the classic pumpkin costume is an enduring favorite for toddlers: nothing beats this outfit for comfort and cuteness. In addition, pumpkin costumes can be nice and warm for chilly evenings, and they are easy to find in costume shops and online.

Where to Buy

toddler girl in pumpkin outfit

You can find pumpkin costumes in your local stores or from one of these online retailers:

  • Walmart - This store has an adorable pumpkin pie fairy-style costume that any toddler girl will love.
  • Halloween Costumes - This costume shop has an adorable costume that would be perfect for any toddler boy orgirl.

How to Make This Costume

If you're handy with the sewing machine, you can make a toddler pumpkin costume from an adult-sized orange t-shirt, some elastic, an orange hat, and some black and green felt. Here's how to do it:

  1. Cut the sleeves off of the t-shirt. Sew up the side seams to make the armholes small enough for the toddler.
  2. Roll up the bottom hem of the t-shirt and sew a channel for the elastic. Adjust the elastic to fit the toddler's waist, and sew it closed.
  3. Cut a jack o'lantern face out of black felt, and hot glue the pieces to the front of the t-shirt.
  4. Cut the pumpkin leaves and stem from green felt and hot glue or sew them to the top of the hat and around the collar.
  5. Try the pumpkin costume on the child and stuff with a towel or blanket.

Frog Costume

boy in frog costume

Perfect for little girls and little boys, the frog costume is another classic choice. This outfit is popular for many of the same reasons as the pumpkin: it's comfortable, simple, warm, and adorable. You can make or buy one from an Internet costume shop.

Where to Buy

The following costume shops and Internet retailers offer frog costumes for toddlers.

  • Target - You and your little one will both love this cute Kermit the frog costume.
  • Costume SuperCenter - This bright, three-piece costume is perfect for the toddler who like tree frogs.

How to Make This Costume

Making a frog costume is easy! You can use an animal costume pattern or simply start with a green hooded sweatshirt and add the embellishments to turn your toddler into an adorable amphibian. Here's how to do it:

  1. Buy the largest green craft puffs you can find in your local craft store. You'll find them near the pipe cleaners.
  2. Hot glue the puffs onto the sides of the sweatshirt hood to create the eyes.
  3. Purchase googly eyes, and hot glue those onto the puffs.
  4. Cut webbed feet out of green felt and glue the pieces to the backs of a pair of toddler-sized gloves or mittens.

Witch Costume

toddler witch

Another classic choice, a witch costume is always adorable on toddler girls. In addition to being cute, this costume has lots of advantages. She'll be able to use many of the elements for dress-up later on, and this choice is very comfortable. If you little one hates wearing hats, you can leave it off and supplement with other witch-themed accessories like brooms, black cats, and cauldrons.

Where to Buy

You can buy a witch costume or the elements to assemble one at just about any costume shop or department store. You can also find a great costume from one of these retailers:

  • PartyCity - This Halloween retailer has dozens of great witch costumes, including this Super Monsters Katya witch costume.
  • Party Bell - Looking for a fairy tale-inspired witch outfit? Target has the perfect costume for your little girl.
  • CostumeDiscounters - If you're looking for a good deal, you can find several adorable toddler-sized witch costumes from this retailer.

How to Make This Costume

Making a witch costume is fun and easy, especially if you can pick up a witch hat at your local costume store. Here's how to assemble a cute outfit, including a black witch tutu:

  1. Buy two yards of black tulle from your local fabric store.
  2. Cut it into strips that are six inches wide by 18 inches long.
  3. Make a waistband out of black elastic, and tie the tulle strips to the waistband until the tutu reaches the desired fullness.
  4. Add a black top, striped tights, a pointed witch's hat, and any other accessories you like.

Dragon Costume

toddler dragon

Does your toddler have a wild side? He can really express that fierceness with a dragon costume. In addition to being cute, this costume is comfy and warm, perfect for chilly nights.

Where to Buy

You can buy toddler dragon costumes from the following sites:

  • - This costume shop offers an adorable selection of dragon costumes in different colors.
  • - This retailer offers several different styles of dragon costumes, including one with three heads.
  • Costume SuperCenter - Here, you'll find a sweet toddler dragon outfit with orange wings.

How to Make This Costume

You can easily make a dragon costume if you follow these simple instructions. When you're finished, you'll have a unique costume that won't appear on any other toddlers in your neighborhood.

Lion Costume

toddler lion

A lion costume is a sweet choice for a toddler boy or girl. This simple costume keeps the child from feeling overwhelmed, and it's cute in pictures. You can easily buy or make one.

Where to Buy

Lion costumes are available from the following retailers:

  • Halloween Costumes - This site offers an adorable fuzzy lion costume for the littlest kids.
  • - If you're looking for a deluxe version of this adorable classic, you can find it here.

How to Make This Costume

If you want to make a lion costume, all you have to do is haul out the sewing machine and pick up a few essentials. You'll need a tan hooded sweatshirt and about a yard and a half of brown fleece fabric. Here's how you do it:

  1. Cut the fleece fabric into four strips that are about six inches wide and the length of the hood's width. Reserve the rest of the fleece for a tail.
  2. Pin the first strip around the edge of the hood, and sew exactly down the middle of the strip. When you're done, fold the strip forward, and attach another one behind it. Continue with the rest of the strips.
  3. When all the strips are attached, cut them to create a fringed mane.
  4. Cut a long lion tail out of the remaining fleece, and attach it to the back hem of the sweatshirt.
  5. Paint your toddler's face with whiskers and a lion nose.

Fairy Costume

toddler fairy

Dressing up as a fairy is every little girl's dream. It's also a fun and practical toddler costume. You can mix and match some of the classic elements to find a costume that is comfortable for your little girl. If she doesn't like wearing a hat, you could substitute a headband or tiara. If she doesn't like wings, you can leave them off and have her hold a wand instead. The versatility of this costume makes it a great choice.

Where to Buy

You can buy fairy costumes almost anywhere, including at local costume shops. Also, check out the offerings from these retailers:

  • Halloween Express - This party site offers a cute toddler fairy costume with a a tutu and wings.
  • eFairies - Here, you'll find a number of fairy costumes, including this cute burgandy one with purple and blue iridescent wings.

How to Make This Costume

Making a fairy costume is fun and easy. There are a couple of ways you can do it:

Cow Costume

toddler cow

Another fun and cozy option that will work for both boys and girls is a cow costume. This outfit is very comfortable and easy to move in, perfect for little ones on the go.

Where to Buy

You can buy cow costumes from the following retailers:

  • Fantasy Toyland - Here, you'll find a cute cow costume complete with bell.
  • Oriental Trading- This party and craft supply site has a black and white cow costume with bright orange horns.

How to Make This Costume

You can make a costume with a white sweat suit, a little black fabric paint, some felt, and a headband. Here's what you do:

  1. Use the fabric paint to place large black spots all over the sweat suit. Allow to dry according to the paint instructions.
  2. Cut ears and horns out of the felt.
  3. Use hot glue to attach the ears and horns to the headband.
  4. Hot glue cow nostrils onto the front of the sweatshirt hood.

Chicken Costume

toddler chicken

A chicken is another great barnyard animal-inspired toddler costume. It's just as comfy as the cow costume and makes an unexpected statement.

Where to Buy

You can buy toddler chicken costumes from these sites:

  • Candy Apple Costumes - This costume shop offers an adorable fuzzy chicken costume with an orange beak.
  • - This site offers a bright yellow chicken costume, a nice change from the classic white version.
  • Target - For the ultimate chicken costume, check out this offering, complete with white feathers.

How to Make This Costume

Using a white sweatshirt and a little creativity, you can make a chicken costume. Here's how to do it:

  • Cut the hood of the sweatshirt in half vertically.
  • Cut out a red chicken crest, and insert it into the two halves of the hood. Sew the hood back up.
  • Glue googly eyes to either side of the hood.
  • Cut a beak out of yellow or orange felt, and sew it to the front of the hood.
  • Pair the sweatshirt with yellow leggings.

Bee Costume

toddler bee

Bee costumes are a classic choice for toddler girls because they are cute and allow for easy movement. You can turn your little one into a bee by buying an outfit or making one yourself.

Where to Buy

You can buy bee costumes for toddlers from these retailers:

  • Oriental Trading - This retailer offers a honey bee-themed toddler girl's outfit, complete with dress, wings, and headband.
  • Etsy - This is a great place to find hundreds of handmade bee costumes for kids.

You don't need to sew to make a sweet bee costume. Bumblebee Costume Ideas offers detailed instructions for making a simple bee costume.

Pirate Costume

toddler pirate

Another popular choice for toddlers is a pirate costume. This costume is easy to assemble and fun to wear, and you can mix and match pieces to suit your child's tastes.

Where to Buy

Here are a few places you can buy toddler pirate costumes:

  • Costume SuperCenter - This site has a pirate costume for girls, which can be harder to find.
  • - Here, you'll find a toddler pirate outfit with a head scarf, jacket, vest, pants and boot tops.
  • - This shop has a large selection of pirate costumes, including options for both boys and girls.

How to Make This Costume

Making a pirate costume is easy. Whether you are using a pattern or making your costume from scratch, Homemade Pirate Costumes has the instructions you need.

Important Considerations for Toddler Costumes

Toddlers are just getting comfortable with walking, and they are just beginning to exercise their independence. It's important to keep safety and comfort in mind when picking a costume for kids this age. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Long pants or skirts can trip up a new walker, as can shoelaces or loose shoes. Ensure that footwear fits properly and that any laces are securely tied. Check length and cut, hem, or tape up overly long items.
  • Toddlers may still have a habit of putting things into their mouths, so ensure that there are no small bits on costumes or accessories that might find their way into your child's mouth.
  • Make sure that there is nothing around your child's neck that might become too tight, or that might be caught on something and pose a strangulation hazard. Such items include necklaces, scarves, and string ties.
  • Make sure that the eyeholes of masks do not obstruct your child's vision, and be certain that the mask fits securely.
  • Ensure that the costume fits comfortably, so your child doesn't become frustrated.

The Perfect Costume

Whether you make a costume for your child or purchase an outfit from one of the many retailers online, it's important to choose something you know your child will enjoy wearing. From frogs to fairies, there's a costume out there that's perfect for every toddler.

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Best Toddler Costumes