Teen Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween allows even the coolest of teens the chance to return to their childhood, push the limits or live out a fantasy. Teenagers are actually very fortunate when it comes to choosing costumes since they can select one that is young, fun and childlike or they can wear adult-inspired costumes. Teens can find costumes for just about any character from their video games and television shows or they can branch out and make their own costumes with simple items.

Halloween Costumes for Teenage Girls

Classic Costumes

The old standards have existed for decades and are likely to be a good choice for a teen who can't decide what to wear. Sometimes it's fun to play up the stereotypes. Or perhaps you'd like to walk in someone else's shoes for just one day. On Halloween, you've got the chance! Some examples of "typical teen" Halloween costumes include:

  • Cat costumes are always popular and can be purchased at most costume stores or can be easily made from simple items like black shirt and pants and some ears made from felt.

  • Gypsy costumes should be flamboyant and colorful and can be purchased, but are also easy to make at home from a variety of clothing items and scrap fabrics.

  • Wonder Woman has been a mainstay character for generations.
  • Batgirl is a good choice for girls who want to look sexy and still give a nod to nostalgia.
  • Gothic costumes are also popular around Halloween. They can be purchased at most stores and can be easily made at home.
  • Pep Squad Cheerleader costumes are popular and can be cheap, especially if the teen is already a cheerleader. They can be bought online or at brick and mortar stores too.
  • Brainiac or Nerd costumes can be easily made at home or can purchased whole or in part.
  • Rock Star costumes are typically popular, especially with those teens who dream of performing on stage one day. They can be purchased at a variety of retailers.

Character Costumes

Many girls want to dress as famous characters, both fictional or real, for Halloween.

Tinker Bell Teen Costume at Amazon.com
Tinker Bell teen costume
  • Tinkerbell is the beloved fairy from Peter Pan and her own full length movies. This whimsical costume can be purchased or created at home with the help of some simple accessories.
  • Dorothy from Wizard of Oz has been beloved for years and makes for a great costume. A simple blue dress and shoes bedazzled with red glitter are all that is needed for this costume.
  • Little Red Riding Hood is a popular storybook character that many teens want to emulate. Buy or make a red cape and carry a basket to create this simple costume.
  • Alice in Wonderland is another beloved storybook character that makes a good Halloween costume. The famous blue dress and apron are attractive and sweet.
  • Queen of Hearts is another fun character from the Alice in Wonderland story that can be used as a Halloween costume.
  • Lady Macbeth after she's gone insane is a cheap and easy costume because she just wears a long nightgown. You can add a cloak if you like for interest and warmth, and a circlet and necklace. The main detail in this getup is the stage blood all over your hands. If you have a friend, boyfriend or brother willing to dress as Macbeth, you can both wear full costumes and have bloody hands and carry daggers, having just killed the king and his guards.

Whimsical or Funny Costumes

Some teens secretly miss their carefree childhoods. Halloween gives them a perfect excuse for turning back the clock.

Teen Dark Angel costume at Amazon
Teen Dark Angel costume
  • Baby costumes can be made by wearing an oversized cloth "diaper", baby bonnet, and romper. A large pacifier and a baby doll are perfect accessories.
  • Dora the Explorer is a popular children's character and may be the perfect choice for a teen looking for a laugh. Wear a pink shirt and orange shorts and a short black wig to complete the look.
  • Mermaids are always popular characters and dressing like one can be fun for Halloween. Teens can buy their costume or can make their own.

Scary Costumes

  • Pirate costumes are typically really popular and can take on a variety of looks.
  • Ghosts can be scary when paired with bloody axes and other accessories or can be purchased with accessories.

Halloween Costumes for Teen Boys

Classic Halloween Costumes

Some costumes have been around for generations and always make for a good choice at Halloween. These costumes are iconic and make an appearance at most Halloween events.

Teen Captain Hook costume at Amazon.com
Teen Captain Hook costume
  • Football Star is a standard costume for teen boys. This is an easy costume for those already playing football but can also be created or purchased.
  • Politicians are always fun to emmulate at Halloween. A teen can dress as a current presidential or vice presidential candidate or can wear outfits to look like classic presidents like Reagan or Kennedy. All that is needed is a suit to go with a mask.
  • Vampires are one of the perennial favorites, along with mummies, Frankenstein, and werewolf.
  • Pirate costumes are typically really popular for boys too and can take on a variety of looks from Captain Hook to Jack Sparrow.

Character Costumes

If you're looking for something a little trendy that will look great at a party, consider the following Halloween costumes for teenagers:

  • Batman is a popular superhero that makes for a great Halloween costume.
  • The Joker is also from the Batman series and is a popular villain costume.
  • Indiana Jones is a fun costume for adventure lovers and can be purchased or made at home.
  • Superman is a beloved character who usually makes an appearance around Halloween. Though the costume can be made from blue tights, a long sleeved T-shirt, and other items, it can also be purchased.

Funny Costumes

Cartoon characters can be used as funny costume ideas along with other types of costumes.

  • Sponge Bob Squarepants is a beloved children's cartoon character that also appeals to teens because of the mature humor often used in the show. Teens can dress in a yellow T-shirt and paint a likeness of his face on it for a simple costume or can buy a licensed version at a variety of retailers.
  • Clowns are a default funny costume that can be worn by people at any age.

Scary or Strong Costumes

Teen Evil Clown costume at Amazon.com
Teen Evil Clown costume
  • Goth Ghost costumes provide a fun way to spook friends and teachers. Create one or purchase one and add some accessories such as lights or other items to create a unique look.
  • Evil Clowns can be very scary looking. Use make-up to create a frightening look and use a variety of costume pieces to complete the look.

Halloween Costumes for Groups

A couple or group of friends can dress in matching or complementary costumes that follow a theme. A larger group can also dress alike to go out to parties together, or even to go trick-or-treating. Group costumes are very popular and it is a lot of fun getting together to prepare for the evening's festivities. Check out these popular group costumes:

  • Village People are the famous singing group known for their flamboyant cosutmes and catchy tunes. They provide the perfect inspiration for a group of four.
  • Wizard of Oz is a beloved movie which provides many different characters and are good for a group. Teens can choose to dress like Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch or even some munchkins.
  • Star Wars is a wildly popular movie and book franchise. With a variety of characters to choose from, teens can dress as a group to emulate the movie's characters.
  • Flintstones are a beloved cartoon classic and provide a good theme for a group of friends on Halloween. Friends can choose between a Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, BamBam, Pebbles or even a Dino costume.
  • Gilligan's Island television show still has a following, though it hasn't been on the air in years. A group of teens might like to give nod to the classic program by dressing as Gilligan, the Captain, the Professor, Mary Ann, Ginger and other charcters on the show.

Further Inspiration for Teen Halloween Costumes

Just about any costume can be adapted for a teenager, whether it usually worn by a child or an adult. Teens can find inspiration for costume ideas in a variety of places including the Hollywood big screen, literature, a time period, or even the toy aisle at their local store. As long as the outfit is appropriate and safe, the sky is the limit as far as the teen's imagination.

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Teen Halloween Costume Ideas