Superman Costume

Superman Costume

A Superman costume gives boys of all ages a chance to be the Man of Steel. After all, who wouldn't love to be a superhero?

Shopping for Superman

Creating a Superman Costume

Superman's look can be broken down into the following components.

Blue Tights or Pants

The tighter the pants, the more authentic the look. However, not everybody has Superman's body, and sometimes more practical concerns, like needing to wear sweatpants to go trick-or-treating on a cold night, take precedence.

Red Briefs

If you can find the right size, cheerleading briefs are similar in design. Red swimming briefs may also do the trick. You can also create your own pair of briefs with a minimal amount of sewing by cutting the front and back of the briefs out of one piece of fabric and sewing the sides.

Yellow Belt

A strip of fabric or plastic fastened around the waist works well for the belt. Official plastic belts are also available.

Red Cape

Capes can be cut from a length of red fabric and sewn or glued directly onto the back of the shirt. If you prefer a removable cape, you can attach ties to the edges of it, although anything tied around the neck can be a choking hazard for young children. Manufactured capes are also available. Be careful not to use a cape so long you or your child will trip over it.

Superman Logo

Of course, no costume would be complete without that iconic S. You can paint the logo directly onto the shirt, or create a separate design you sew or glue onto the shirt. You can use existing costumes for guidance in recreating the image.

Long-Sleeved Blue Shirt

Like the pants, a tight shirt better fits the classic Superman image. If you dare to wear lycra, replace the pants and shirt with a unitard.

Red Boots

Most people don't have red boots just sitting around the house, but with a little spray paint, any old pair of boots can become red. You could also make red cuffs to go over a pair of shoes to simulate boots. If you don't want to make your own, latex boot tops are available for adults and kids.


While the wrong hair won't ruin a Superman costume, a molded Superman wig will satisfy those who insist on exact details.

An air of confidence is essential to pulling off the Superman look. Shyness and awkwardness are the domain of his alter ego, Clark Kent.


  • Detailed instructions for assembling an authentic-looking costume are available from a Superman fan who clearly states, "I don't sew."
  • A costume for kids combines hand-crafted elements with everyday clothing.

Something for the Ladies

If your significant other is hitting the parties in a Superman costume, why not continue the theme by dressing as Lois Lane? You can model yourself after one of the actresses who has portrayed her on television or in the movies, or you can go for a more generic "hot young reporter on the rise" look with a stylish suit and a pen and notebook in hand.Then again, who said the men are the only ones who get to be a superhero? Supergirl costumes are available from many retailers, with traditional Supergirl looks for adults and kids, and a sexy Supergirl costume that shows a little more skin. You can also follow the basic directions for creating a Superman costume. Simply replace the red briefs with a red skirt and use flesh-colored tights instead of blue.

Superman Costume