Superhero Costume Ideas

Plenty Superhero Costume Ideas

If you want to thwart evil in style, there are plenty of affordable and creative superhero costume ideas.

Superheros can be anything that the imagination conjures up. In order to be a hero, you need to find your purpose and then your power. Whether you are busy fighting computer viruses, or making the world a cleaner place, the following ideas are sure to inspire!

Not only are superhero costumes affordable, they are perfect for every age and both genders! Even the family pet can get in on the fun!

Captain Mighty!

This costume is easy to create! Iron on a star patch, add terrycloth armbands and goggles, and a villian fighter is born!

Fashion Fighter!

A simple muscle suit can be made funky and retro by adding neon sunglasses and a shaggy hairstyle.

A caped crusader!

Girls can show off their special powers with a red cape and goggles! A simple black or red bodysuit or turtleneck is a proper undergarment for this powerful suit.

Captain Clean!

Make the world a cleaner place in this creative superhero getup! Add a mop, a bucket and some spray bottles and you're ready to fight grime!

Dress Fido in superhero fashion!

A Mexcian wrestling mask and a simple black cape helps deck out Fido in a creative superhero suit!

Go as a pair!

No matter the theme, superheroes make the perfect costume idea for couples. Add matching briefcases, capes, and goggles, and you can morph into a powerful and fearless duo!

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Superhero Costume Ideas