Spider Man Costumes

Spider Man Costume

Anyone can become a favorite web-slinging superhero with a Spider Man costume and accessories. Whether you choose to make your own costume, or purchase one readymade, you're sure to be ready for action fast.

Making Your Own Spider Man Costume

While the option exists to purchase your Spider Man costume, many people feel the homemade touch is better. Make your own and be party-ready in no time.


  • Blue pants
  • Red shirt
  • Blue fabric paint
  • Brushes
  • White or black fabric paint
  • Red belt
  • Red boots
  • Red gloves


  1. Paint the sides of the shirt with blue fabric paint, leaving the front and back red. Let dry.
  2. homemade spider man costume
    Paint thin white or black spider web lines onto the red areas of the shirt. Use a ruler or straight edge to help keep the lines straight.
  3. Paint the same lines onto the backs of the gloves.
  4. Put on the pants and shirt, tucking the shirt into the pants. Wrap a red belt around your waist where the pants and shirt join.
  5. Put on red boots, tucking the pants into the boots.
  6. Put on the gloves and top it with a purchased Spider Man mask or face paint.

Face Paint Instructions

  1. Cover the face in a solid coat of red face paint.
  2. Draw the spider web lines on with a thin white or black face paint pencil.
  3. Draw a heavy line with black face paint from the inside corners of the eyes down toward the cheekbones. Pull the line up to the forehead in a point, then pull it down to connect back to the inner eye.
  4. Fill in this area with white face paint.

Buy a Costume

There are also plenty of options for purchasing a Spider Man costume no matter who it is that wants to dress up.

Adult Costumes from Buy Costumes

Spider Man costume

Adults have several options available to choose from, including:

  • Comic Spider Man: This costume includes a nylon body suit with a hood-style mask. The costume has traditional black web detailing and fits up to a 38-inch waist.
  • Classic Costume: For those that want an old-school Spider Man look, this costume features the old-style costume with the prominent spider on the chest. Costume includes the body suit with hood-style mask and fits up to a 38-inch waist.

Children Costumes from Amazon

Spider Man deluxe costume
Spider Man deluxe costume

Kids that want to dress as Spidey also have different costumes to choose from, including:

  • Spider Man Movie Costume: Dress as Spider Man from the movie with this one-piece jumpsuit . The costume comes with a half-face mask that covers the eyes and top of the head but leaves the mouth free.
  • Deluxe Muscle Chest: Kids can bulk up with this deluxe costume that includes a padded muscle chest. The costume also includes a full hood-style mask.

Spider Man Mask

Spider Man mask
Spider Man mask

While all retail Spider Man costumes come with a mask, the mask is also available separately for those who want to make the rest of the costume.

  • This deluxe mask at Amazon covers the entire head, as well as the neck and a portion of the chest.

Save the Day

With any of these Spider Man costume options, you're sure to save the day at any party. Make one or buy one; Spider Man is always sure to be a hit.

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Spider Man Costumes