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Metal Head Rocking Out

The world of metal was turned on its head when Slipknot first debuted in elaborate costumes, now you can even find Slipknot masks for sale. The band Slipknot is unique unto themselves and the metal music scene. Due to their uniqueness, they make great Halloween masks.

Who is Slipknot

Slipknot was first conceived in Des Moines, IA in 1995 and has one of the largest band line-ups since boy bands hit the scene and Boston became defunct. With 9 members it's pretty hard to keep them all separate and identifiable, but that was sort of the point of the band.

The music itself is a melting pot of different styles of metal including thrash and hardcore. They are more melodic than other bands of the metal nature. This melodic undertone can be attributed to their other influences, which include rap and industrial.

The Image or Anti-Image

When Slipknot began dabbling with their image, their first ideas were the use of grotesque Halloween make-up. One of the very first viewings of Slipknot found them in white suits and pale faces, covered in blood and bullet holes. Their quest for an image soon became a quest for an anti-image and soon the "dominatrix storm trooper" look was born. Disliking the norm, the band settled on wearing elaborate masks and military clothing. Each member of the band wears a different mask, making them identifiable and very marketable; which of course leads to Slipknot masks for sale at many costume retailers.

The Meaning of the Masks

The masks, according to Corey Taylor, are the bands way of becoming one with the music. When they wear the masks they are able to escape who they are outside of music and become unconscious to everything not associated with it.

The masks have gotten a lot of heat since retailers started to provide Slipknot masks for sale. Fans of the genre as well as other artists see the masks as a gimmick and a way to sell merchandise. The band vehemently disagrees but that doesn't stop the masks from selling.

Different Mask Styles

Over the years the Slipknot masks for sale have gone through two changes:

  • Death Masks: The Slipknot Death Mask was created by covering each band members' face with liquid latex in order to make a full head cast. The masks were skintight and when worn the masks would make the band look as if they were dead. These masks served them well until late 2007.
  • Purgatory Masks: These masks are larger than life and represent the ego of the band. They are the newest style of mask.

The masks that are readily available are the death mask style.

Slipknot Masks for Sale and Where to Buy Them

Considering there are nine members of the band it makes for quite a few mask choices.

Slipknot 133: This mask is probably the most carried and the most recognizable. It is a full latex mask with a zipper over the mouth. The mask also sports faux metal rods that protrude out at all angles.

The Clown: The clown mask features a bloody skinned head, wrapped in bloodied bandages complete with a clown nose.

Chris: His mask is a twisted take on the Comedia masks seen during the renaissance. It combines a latex cowl for the back with the front appearing as red leather with a prominent nose.

Corey: This mask is dark grey like rotting flesh. The style is much like Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

James: The mask of James is very reminiscent of Brandon Lee's The Crow face paint.

Joey: This mask is very tribal in style with many distinct "war markings" that can be seen in National Geographic, sported by tribes in Africa.

Maggot: This mask is similar to the mask worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in Man in the Iron Mask but more brown leather than metal. It also has a zipper as the mouth.

Mick: His mask is the most futuristic out of the bunch with a washed metal look, pointy jaw with breathing slits and distinct grooves.

Paul: Much like Hannibal's' mask in Silence of the Lambs, but black and with green veins crawling out from the forehead.

Sid: Picture a man who has had his face skinned off then stapled back on and this is what this mask resembles.

There are many other styles of masks that have been derived from the Slipknot standard. Fans have even taken it upon themselves to design their own masks based off the ones available at retail locations. If you want to find Slipknot masks for sale then the following merchants are your best bet:

Slipknot - Offers many Slipknot masks of which a vast amount are made by fans.

Brands on Sale - This site offers a comprehensive selection of the standard band member's mask and even sells a band costume to go with them.

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Slipknot Masks for Sale