Really Scary Masks

Crime or Accident Victim
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Want to have the most original of the really scary masks at your next party? Consider wearing something that portrays you as the victim of a gruesome accident or crime.

Faceless Stalker
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Michael Myers made the blank and expressionless mask a favorite. A blank stare and silence is not just frightering but very creepy.

Crypt Keeper

The Crypt Keeper is a well known horror icon and is always frightening.

Evil Clown

Clowns have always been a source of fear amongst many people.

Scary Relatives

Imagine the creepy aunt that pinches your cheek!

Old Hag

The Old Hag has long since been a fairy tale staple. From the Tooth Fairy to Hansel and Gretel, the Old Hag epitomizes creepy elderly women.

Pirate Marauder Mask

Much like a Highwayman at large, a Pirate Marauder stills from the rich and, well, gives to himself. A faceless theif that can become a ruthless killer. Couple this style of mask and costume with a scary, deformed mask underneath.


The scarecrow is a most benign object until it steps off its perch and chases you down!

Evil Jester

An evil jester is a good way to lighten the mood, especially if you stalk around in dark shadows.

Really Scary Masks - Demon

A large and detailed a well worn demon mask with a great looking costume can be as scary as an undead minion or killer clown.

Weathered Old Man

Like the Old Hag the Weathered Old Man can be equally creepy and make a great really scary mask.


Nothing spells standard Halloween horror than the werewolf.

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Really Scary Masks