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Gypsy Costume Ideas

It can be easy and fun to make a gypsy costume, whether it is for Halloween, a masquerade party, or another costume event. While there is much variation in gypsy costumes, from traditional to modern designs, certain themes and details are always present and make the costume extraordinary.

Bohemian Gypsy

Modern gypsy costumes show a distinct bohemian influence. Flowing skirts in bright, bold colors accompanied by coordinating wide headbands and chunky, natural bracelets and necklaces are easy pieces to put together to make a gypsy costume.

Face Veil

The gypsy culture is shrouded in mystery, and a more traditional gypsy will often wear a head scarf or face veil. The eyes should remain uncovered, but elaborate details such as shimmering discs, fringe, and other accents are sumptuous additions.

Flowing Fabrics

A gypsy costume is never skintight. Gypsies may hide cards, crystals, and other tools of fortunetelling amid the layers of their costume, so puffed sleeves and full skirts are essential. A modern touch is to bare the midriff or add other alluring touches.

Age Appropriate

It is easy to make a gypsy costume for any age. A brightly patterned peasant shirt, long head scarf, chandelier earrings, and bright makeup can work as a good costume for any woman. A band of gypsies can easily be a family or group costume as well, with different accents for each age.

Dramatic Details

The beauty of a gypsy costume is in the details. Fake eyelashes, cheek accent crystals, and demure makeup draw attention to the eyes, where a gypsy can pierce the soul to seek its fortune.

Gypsy Music

Music is an important part of gypsy culture. Violin music with percussion accents is especially prominent, and an authentic gypsy costume may include background music at a party, or the wearer can carry a fake or replica antique violin.

Head Scarves

The head scarf is essential for a gypsy costume. The scarf can be any color or pattern, and muted tones as well as bright shades are equally popular. To tie the scarf appropriately, the long ends should be left to dangle, preferably to one side.

Gypsy Jewelry

Gypsy costumes are adorned with elaborate jewelry. Crystals and natural materials are preferred, and the jewelry is often thickly layered. Rings, bracelets, long necklaces, and large earrings are all acceptable.

Goth Gypsy

A modern gypsy can have a touch of goth culture by using black skirts and a black corset on top of a slightly puffed shirt. Arm wraps and jewelry can help complete the look of a simple gypsy costume.

Gypsy Accessories

Gypsies are accomplished fortune tellers, and no gypsy costume would be complete without the appropriate accessories. Candles in rich, earthy scents along with tarot cards, crystals, and crystal balls are all suitable. The wearer may carry one or two accessories, or could even set up a fortune telling station for a party.

Gypsy Alternatives

If a gypsy costume isn't quite right for you, consider related alternatives such as belly dancers, pirates, or hobos.

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Gypsy Costume Pictures