Make Your Own Costume

Bumble Bee

A bee costume is pretty simple to make. Start with a yellow and black striped shirt or dress. Add some yellow tulle for the illusion of wings and a headband with the antenna and you're all set


Pumpkin costumes are fun and easy to make. You can get a bright orange shirt and add the jack'o'lantern face with some black felt. You can take orange felt and make a faux cap and you can even use a sweatshirt or in a baby's case, an orange sleeper to achieve the same effect.

Bride of Frankenstein

Want to ham it up a little? Go for a long white bride-type dress or a black skintight one, add some white to your hair or throw on a black wig with some white stripes and look out world, here comes the Bride of Frankenstein.


Zombies are always in style, particularly around Halloween. You just add some faux blood to your clothes, rip the outfits a little, white out your face with a little black around the mouth and eyes -- and you'll be ready to lumber around crying for "Braiiiinnns!"

Enjoy Your Costume

Making your own costume can be fun and rewarding. No matter what look you choose, if you can wear it comfortably and confidently, you will have a memorable and creative costume.


Making your own costume doesn't have to be difficult, expensive, or time consuming. Many costumes can be made without any sewing or experience, as long you have the right clothes and accessories on hand. Raid your grandmother's closet or a vintage clothing store for a flapper costume, find worn out clothes for a hobo costume, or choose a sophisticated suit for a businessman or retro gangster costume.

If you have a white dress or white sheet in your closet, you can easily become an angel. All you need is a white dress or white sheet. Add a pair of wings that you cut out of poster board and decorate and voila, you're ready to go.


The polar opposite of the angel, of course, is the demon. Don a pair of horns, a wicked red or black dress, and some vampy make up and you're ready to go. It can be fun to go to a party as a trio, with one angel, one demon, and the man or woman they are tormenting with their ideas.

Black Cat

To make a simple black cat costume, you'll need a black leotard with tights or a bodysuit. Add a strip of faux fur or felt to the bottom for your kitty's tail. Attach black felt triangles to a headboard for the cat ears, or purchase an inexpensive pair at a costume store. To finish, use face paint to draw on whiskers and a cat's nose.

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Make Your Own Costume