Pictures of Famous Couples to Dress Up As

Getting ideas of famous couples to dress up as is pretty easy when you know what you're looking for. When you don't it's a good idea to look at a bunch of different couples from all walks of celebrity like musicians, actors and athletes. Check out this eclectic mix to find some great famous couple dress up ideas.

Edward and Bella They aren't an off screen couple, but on screen they sizzle. With the next sequel New Moon already in the works, it doesn't look like Twilight mania is going to end anytime soon.

Ellen and Portia

Ellen and Portia are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. They aren't too flamboyant with their looks or dress, so it would be easy to dress up as this married couple. If you want a more casual Portia look, she was recently spotted in a pair of dark jeans and a black t-shirt that read "I love my wife." Cute right?

Posh and Becks

When looking for ideas of famous couples to dress up as, you have to include one of the most stylish couples in Hollywood, Victoria and David Beckham. These two are often referred to simply as Posh and Becks. Posh from her Spice Girls days and Beckham has been called Becks for years.

Eva and Tony

Eva Longoria-Parker always looks fabulous whether her handsome French husband is on her arm or not. Here, the two are at the Emmy awards, but if you don't want to don a suit when dressing up as this couple, just get a San Antonio Spurs jersey and throw it on

Jennifer and Marc

What can you say about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony? Whenever these two make any type of appearance, they look flawless. He is looking very stylish in his tux and trendy glasses while Jennifer is in a barely there (on the top anyway) shimmery gold gown.

Ashlee and Pete

If your choosing this celebrity couple to dress up as, you absolutely cannot forget to swipe on a little guy-liner a la Pete Wentz. Everyone knows his whole "emo" look isn't complete without a little make-up.

Gwen and Gavin

Gwen is often considered a fashion icon and almost everything she wears a little bit outlandish, but this diagonally striped number is pretty tame. Don't forget to throw on her signature red lipstick to make this look complete.

Tim and Faith

Dressing up as country superstars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill is pretty simple. Tim is in his signature all black topped with a black cowboy hat and Faith is also looking quite gorgeous in black here.

Elton and David

Elton John and husband David Furnish look absolutely dashing here as they arrive at a red carpet event. If you're looking for a pair of glasses like Elton's but aren't looking to spend a whole lot of cash, try your local thrift stores.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

It was difficult to find a picture of this couple that notoriously keeps their relationship hush-hush. Here' he's in a suit and she's in a beaded black dress, but you could easily switch out his suit to something from his Rocawear line. To really put the finishing touches on you H.O.V.A. look, add a pair of oversized aviators to your look.

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Pictures of Famous Couples to Dress Up As