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Punk Puppy

Pet costumes can be a fun way to include a furry member of the family in photos, celebrations, or unique events. Before choosing a costume for your pet, however, be sure to consider the animal's temperament and whether they will be able to wear a costume safely and comfortably. Simple costumes, such as collars, hats, and headbands, are suitable for most pets, and even the smallest dog can have a big attitude with the right costume.

Firefighter Dalmatian

A fun way to choose costumes is to match the attire to your pet's breed, species, or temperament. Firefighting costumes for dalmatians are popular, and other examples include leprauchan hats for Irish setters, mouse ears for cats, or a pirate costume for a parrot.

Costume Headbands

Costume headbands and hats are inexpensive and widely available in a number of styles. Rabbit ears are great choices for Easter, while reindeer antlers are popular Christmas options. Other styles include bug antennas and alien designs.

Christmas Guinea Pigs

Even the smallest of family pets can be dressed up for the holidays. A simple hat isn't much of a costume, but it can be a cute accessory for a holiday photo with the appropriate backdrop.

Pets and Partners

A fun way to choose pet costumes is to find a style you can match your pet with. The leftover fabric from making your own costume can easily be used to create a hat, coat, cape, or other attire for your pet.

Purring Pirate

Most cats are not happy wearing elaborate costumes, but mild mannered felines will be content in many different styles. Pirates, witches, mice, and even dog costumes are quirky options for cats to wear.

Wedding Pets

Pets can wear costumes for all types of special occasions. Some couples who feel that their pets are truly members of the family may arrange tuxedos, bow ties, or other wedding attire for their pets to participate in a wedding or other formal event.

Pet Wigs

A wig is an unusual alternative to a hat for a pet costume. Be sure that the wig can fit securely and will not fall off when the animal shakes its head. The most popular wig styles include afros, clown wigs, braids, or punk hair styles.

Patriotic Pooch

A red, white, and blue costume - complete with bow tie and top hat - is perfect for the Fourth of July or other patriotic holidays. Many pet owners will dress their furry friends up to march in holiday parades or for summer pet talent contests.

Angel Kitties

Simple costumes are best for cats, and angel wings are an easy and popular choice. Tolerant cats may also wear headband halos or other heavenly accessories.

Turbo Turtle

Choosing a costume based on exaggeration or contrasts is fun and whimsical. Turtles are not known for swiftness, but a faux rocket, wheels, and crash helmet are cute accessories to bring any turtle's fashion up to speed.

Small Dog, Big Appetite

If your small pet has a big appetite, a chef costume can be a fun choice. Add pots and pans or faux food accessories to complete the picture. For even more outrageous costumes, opt for a food costume, such as a hot dog costume for a dachshund or a fish costume for a kitten.

Pets as Costumes

Your pet can be a part of your costume if you choose the right attire. Any pet can complement a veterinarian costume, while other popular choices include snakes and Cleopatra costumes, frogs with a princess, or a retriever with a hunting costume.

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