Shrek Halloween Costumes

Shrek costume

If you're a fan of the Shrek movies, it doesn't matter if you're big or small; you can find Shrek Halloween costumes that will suit you.

Shrek Halloween Costumes for Adults

The Shrek movies have such a wide appeal, it's no wonder adults want to dress up as Shrek, Fiona, or even some of the more obscure characters in the films. Everyone has a favorite fairy tale, and Shrek meshes so many together, it's hard not to love the big green ogre and his friends-even if merely by association.

As with plenty of adult Halloween costumes, prepare yourself for a few outrageous prices. Shrek's not the only thing that's green; so is that stuff that could be leaving your wallet in wads if you're really into the holiday and plan to have one of the best Shrek Halloween costumes on the street.

There's the $160 Adult Shrek Men's Halloween Costume that includes the mask, the shirt/vest combo (bring your own belly for this one!), pants, hands and mask. It's still a believable costume. It's just not as all-inclusive as its more expensive counterpart. Still, prince or pauper, you can be Shrek for Halloween.

If you're a fan of patching your own costumes together every year for Halloween, you can purchase the mask only at Mad Distribution for just under $20.

Princess Fiona costumes tend to be on the less expensive-and less elaborate-side of things. Whereas becoming Shrek can set you back $143, you can find a Fiona costume for $50 or even $37. Here are two to consider:

If you already have an old bridesmaid's dress or a costume from a Renaissance festival, you may only need a wig to be Fiona.

Shrek Halloween Costumes for Kids

From infants to toddlers, and up into the kid sizes, you can find Shrek Halloween costumes fairly easily. It's probably safe to say there's even more variety in the kids' Shrek Halloween costume section than the adults'. You can find the donkey, sleeping beauty, Puss 'n' Boots, and more for infants and up. Here are a few:

Newborn and Infant

  • Shrek: This Infant Costume is about $27 and includes the jumpsuit with an eared headpiece.
  • Donkey: The Donkey Baby Costume is an adorable tribute to the movie. This romper comes in infant and newborn sizes and costs about $60.

Toddlers and Kids

  • Puss 'n' Boots: This Puss 'n' Boots costume comes in sizes 4-6 or 8-10. You get the jumpsuit, an attached cape, boot tops and an open face character hood for about $32.

Make your Halloween party or trick-or-treat session a night to remember. Create your own fairy tales while you're out and about in your Shrek Halloween costumes.

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Shrek Halloween Costumes