Sexy Handmade Costumes


Sexy handmade costumes can save you time and money without sacrificing second glances. Rather than opt for a store bought ensemble, get creative with these alluring ideas that fit nearly every budget.

Benefits of Sexy Handmade Costumes

Whether you want to spice up your love life or show off your flirtatious side at a costume party, sexy costumes are always a popular adult choice. If you're considering purchasing a pre-made costume, you'll have no trouble tracking down a variety of sexy themed suits on the Internet. While there's nothing wrong with opting for a premade costume, if you really want to dazzle in a custom ensemble, consider the following benefits of making a sexy handmade costume:

  • Quality materials: Costume manufacturers often opt for the lowest cost materials when constructing sexy costumes. Polyester and scratchy lace is the norm for off the rack alluring designs. If you want a more decadent and luxurious piece, a handmade sexy costume will allow you the freedom to play with color, notions and fabrics to your liking.
  • Proper sizing: Standard costume sizing varies by manufacturer, making sexy costume designs even harder to achieve a perfect fit. Your chances of finding a proper fit are much greater when you shop in lingerie rather than costume departments.
  • Smart investment: Unlike the "wear once" mentality of most costume purchases, sexy lingerie that stands in for costume wear can be recycled and returned to your lingerie drawer, will it will serve your needs while respecting your budget.

Sexy Ideas


Putting together a few sexy ideas from your pre-exsisting lingerie is easy. Consider some of the most popular sexy themed ideas and get creative. The following sexy costumes are sure to please!

  • Sexy nurse
  • Playboy bunny
  • Devil
  • French maid
  • Dominatrix

Most of the above costume ideas can begin with a few lingerie staples. Check out your local fine lingerie store for corsets, teddies and chemises that flatter your body type.

  • Nurse costume:If you're opting for a nurse costume, a fitted white shirtdress can be paired with white fishnet stockings and a bustier bra to add curve and appeal.
  • Devil ideas: A devil costume is easy to create with sexy red lingerie staples. A lace-up sexy corset can be paired with red boy briefs and red fishnet stockings for one hot ensemble.
  • Sexy Bunny: Playboy Bunnies are easy to create even if you lack basic craft skills. Just pair a light fluffy pink tail to a white teddy and add some elegance with a pair of white high heel platform shoes.
  • Dominatrix: If you crave leather and lace, a sexy dominatrix look may be perfect. To start, shop for liquid latex or leather bustiers and corsets. Pair with black fishets, a demure face mask, and a playful whip!

Finishing Touches

Sexy costumes, including the handmade variety, rely on lots of bells and whistles to add the finishing suggestive touch. Hair should be styled in a sexy manner, whether that be with plenty of backcombing and loose waves, or simple, straight and chic. Cosmetics should also add a layer of drama to your look, so feel free to dapple in various makeup techniques, including the cat eye and a pouty lip styles.

Sexy costumes are a pleasure to wear and even more fun to create. Spend some time raiding your lingerie drawers and feel free to top any outfit with a feather boa if desired. While sexy looks are most popular around Valentine's Day, why limit yourself to only one day of fun? A drawer chock-full of lingerie basics and playful toys is sure to ignite your creative desire no matter what the occasion!

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Sexy Handmade Costumes