Richard Simmons Halloween Costume

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More Celebrity Costume Ideas

A Richard Simmons Halloween costume is sure to make you stand out the next time you attend a costume party. Dressing up like the well-known exercise guru is a great solution for anyone looking for a fun and affordable costume idea.

Elements of a Richard Simmons Halloween Costume

Whether he's leading a class or appearing on a television talk show, Simmons is always dressed for exercise. Although there are no commercially produced Richard Simmons costumes, with a few casual workout ready pieces, you can assemble a quick and easy Halloween costume.


Simmons is best known for wearing short, striped exercise shorts. He continues to wear that same style that was popular when he first became famous, and these can be difficult to find. For the best results, search online auctions, vintage clothing stores, yard sales, and thrift shops for authentic athletic shorts from the 1970s and 1980s. If you're handy with a sewing machine, making your own is another option. Rather than starting from scratch, you may be able to modify a modern pair of exercise shorts or boxer shorts by shortening them so they rise on the diagonal from inner to outer thigh. If you can't find the stripes you seek, turn a plain pair of white shorts into a striped pair with the help of fabric paint or markers.

Tank Top

Top off your shorts with an athletic tank top. It should be a solid color, with generous neck and arm openings and a rounded hem at the bottom. Simmons adds flair to his tops with rhinestone embellishments. An alternative style seen in the Sweatin' to the Oldies series is a layered look. Simmons paired a tight white tank top with a loose, solid color Yale Bulldogs tank over the top.

On a personal note, a bit of chest hair often peeks out from the neckline of this exercise guru's ensemble. If you don't have your own chest hair, it may be funny to attach a swatch of fake hair, such as a small bundle of cuttings from hair extensions, to the top of the tank top.


richard simmons outfit

Simmons has curly brown hair. If you can't tease your own hair to create a full style, a wig will certainly enhance your costume. Unfortunately, most Afro wigs have too much volume, and curly haired wigs are too long. A bit of trimming and styling will help you create an accurate hairstyle.

Additional Tips

  • Finish the look with white socks and a pair of white tennis shoes.
  • Check out Simmons' DVDs, such as Sweatin' to the Oldies, to better emulate his style. Even if you don't want to follow along with an entire exercise routine, just looking at the DVD covers will offer much needed inspiration.
  • There's no denying it, if you're dressed as Richard Simmons, you're going to be showing quite a bit of skin. Make sure you feel comfortable with this lack of clothing. Beyond potential feelings of embarrassment, consider whether the costume is practical for your Halloween plans. It may not be the best choice for taking the kids trick-or-treating in a colder climate.

Playing the Part

What will really sell a Richard Simmons Halloween costume is a willingness to play the part. Above all, Richard Simmons is a well known promoter of diet and exercise. This is your chance to lead the rest of the party guests in a line dance, or if you're feeling adventurous, a short aerobics routine. Offering weight loss advice to other party attendees isn't recommended, but you should be able to offer a joking commentary about the unhealthiness of Halloween candy and other treats without offending anyone.

Simmons is also known for his outgoing personality and overly excitable antics. Will there be games at the party? You want to be everyone's cheerleader. Will there be a costume contest? You should clap the loudest and scream your approval. After all, that's what Richard Simmons would do.

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Richard Simmons Halloween Costume