Realistic Mermaid Costumes

Realistic Mermaid Costumes

Realistic mermaid costumes don't have to be expensive or difficult to find. There are several options for putting together an attractive mermaid outfit. Have fun with yours!

Long Sheath Dress

A simple, full-length sheath in a light blue or green shade can be the focal point of a realistic mermaid costume.

Flirty Ruffled Skirt

A flirty layered skirt with ruffles is a practical mermaid dress-up idea, making it possible for you to walk - or even swim - while wearing your costume. You can add an optional tail, for an even more realistic image when mobility isn't a primary concern.

Homemade Costumes

When you sew your own costumes, it's possible to add many interesting touches and decorative features to even the most simple of patterns.

Create a Tail Train

A "train" is a great way to have a realistic mermaid tail while still maintaining a costume design that makes it easy to move around and enjoy yourself.

Accessorize with Shells

For a realistic touch, wear jewelry and other accessories crafted from natural shells.

Mermaid Wig

A long flowing wig that combines natural hair color with a blue shade reminiscent of the ocean adds a lovely touch to any mermaid outfit.

More Mermaid Costume Ideas

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Realistic Mermaid Costumes