Realistic Horror Masks

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Sure, Halloween is a time to trick and treat but more importantly it's a time to spook and scare; what better way to do that than with realistic horror masks?

Masks and Realism

The world is filled with many wondrous things. On the eve of the witching hour, many of those things have a way of becoming real. They step out from our imaginations and confront us face to face. It doesn't matter if it's the thing we fear the most or something we find cute and cuddly. We hide behind masks in order to become something we aren't normally. Many of us have a strong desire to buy the most realistic horror masks that we possibly can in order to fully make the transformation.

Realistic Horror Masks

Whatever realistic horror masks are is a matter of taste and personal opinion. Realism can mean something different to each person. Is a realistic mask something that resembles an ordinary person (or thing) that is made to look extraordinary? Or can realism be created by taking an old rubber mask and editing it to make it have more punch?

For something to be "realistic" that means it has to look real. This means that it should be a close representation of whatever it is trying to portray. Monsters, although we know them not to be real, can still look realistic. A horror mask that is "realistic" could be considered plausible; something found in the normalcy of the world but taking it and changing it much like a Cheerleader hacked to death. A realistic mask should be something so well made that it looks like it could exist.

Rubber Latex Masks

Realism in a mask can either work or fail miserably. A good example is Frankenstein's Monster. Not only is the Monster a classic literary icon with monstrous features, he also possesses easily definable human features. Considering he has human features putting his likeness in the hands of a master mask maker could produce something very realistic. Mass producing the mask with less than great materials and generic features will just make for a lousy mask.

Prosthetic Masks

If you don't want the size and heat associated with rubber latex, then why not consider using prosthetics? Prosthetic masks make for the most realistic horror masks you could ever wear. Prosthetic masks, sometimes referred to as "living skin", are made from slush latex (high quality; natural feel and neutral color) or lower quality latex that is stiffer with a feel of soft plastic.

Prosthetic masks are generally done in pieces to form one composite mask. You would put on ears, a chin and possibly a nose and forehead. Other types of prosthetics are entire face pieces and can range from torn flesh to burnt skin. With the right special effects and makeup, the prosthetic can look as real as anything else walking on the street not in a costume. Latex prosthetics are "glued" directly to the face with either liquid latex, spirit gum, puddy or a combination of the three.

The benefits of a prosthetic mask are:

  • You can speak normally
  • Eating food or taking a drink won't be hindered
  • No problem with seeing (unless your prosthetic has a sealed orbital socket)
  • Very lightweight so you won't feel claustrophobic

Making a prosthetic mask look realistic takes more time than a rubber latex mask. You need to first add a base coat of grease paint followed by a powdering with baby powder to set it up. Use more grease paint to add details, shadowing and color. Set that paint with more powder and barrier spray to protect from the elements. Once dry (matter of seconds) you can add fake blood, puss or whatever in order to make the mask come alive.

Although these masks take more time to put on and prepare, the end result will be astounding. With enough care and patience these could be very suitable for haunted houses.

Where to Buy

There are several mask companies that sell on the Internet through their own online stores and others through major retailers like Wal-Mart or Target.

Most masks can retail for as little as $15.00 to well over $400.00 if you want high-end, latex free masks.

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Realistic Horror Masks