Quick and Easy Troll Costume

Girl dressed up as a troll

Making a quick and easy troll costume for Halloween or a school play is a snap. Simply decide which type of troll you want to be and make plans for your costume with that in mind.

Types of Trolls

There are many different types of trolls. Mythical trolls are considered evil and devious, while other trolls are friendly and helpful. Most trolls have some type of magical powers whether they are ugly or cute. Three popular types of troll costumes are general evil trolls, Good Luck trolls, and trolls from the popular World of Warcraft game.

Evil Troll Costume

Scary evil trolls come in a variety of hair and skin colors. Finding a scary troll mask in a costume store or online will help you to make a quick and easy troll costume. If you plan on wearing a mask, all you need to complete the costume is a robe or long gown. If you don't have a mask, purchase face paint and putty to make yourself look scary. Warts made of putty and placed on your chin or nose will make you look more troll-like. Cover your face with green or purple make up.

Good Luck Troll Doll Costume

Plastic Good Luck Troll dolls became all the rage in the 1960's through 80's and are still quite collectible today. These trolls are cute with colorful hair, pointy ears and sometimes a jewel in their belly button. Good Luck Trolls were originally created in 1959 by Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam. In 2005 an animated cartoon was produced called Trollz and in the near future DreamWorks Animation plans to produce a major film featuring the Good Luck Troll. Any of these types of troll costumes can easily be made at home.

The most recognizable feature of the cute Good Luck troll doll was their upswept colorful hair. Troll hair can be bright neon purple, yellow, pink, orange, blue, red or green. If you have access to a colorful troll wig, that is your best bet for an easy troll costume. The original Good Luck Troll doll was nude, but in later years the trolls wore clothes that matched the color of their hair. If you want to look like a nude troll doll with a jewel in your belly button, find a leotard in tan or beige and wear nylons of the same color. Adhere a diamond shape jewel on your belly the same color as your hair.

How to Make Troll Hair

Making troll hair is easy with temporary spray-on hair paint.

Following are two options for making troll hair.

Option One

  1. Tease your hair with a comb so that it will look bushy and stick out
  2. Apply lots of hair spray so that your hair will stay in place in a spiky shape
  3. Generously spray your hair with bright color hair paint

Option Two

  1. This option only works with long hair
  2. Put a tall plastic cup on your head
  3. Lift your hair up and around the cup
  4. Cover the cup completely
  5. Fasten the hair above the cup with a rubber band
  6. Spray your hair with hair spray so that it does not separate
  7. Spray on bright colored hair paint

Quick and Easy Troll Costume Masks

At Halloween you may be able to purchase a mask, troll costume, or brightly colored troll wig at a regular department store or specialty costume store. There are also many online shops that sell wigs and masks specifically for both cute and scary trolls.

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Quick and Easy Troll Costume