Quick Halloween Costumes

Quick Halloween Costumes


Quick Halloween costumes are a simple solution to your Halloween needs. It's inevitable, someone always waits until the last moment or doesn't actually realize they are going to need a costume. So whether you're taking the kids trick or treating, going to a costume party or just haven't had time to hunt up a costume, here are some quick and simple ideas to get your Halloween groove on.

Mad Scientist


The crazy or mad scientist is an easy costume to throw together from the things you have at home. A large white lab coat may require a little improvising, but add a disheveled shirt, a crazy, crooked tie, some glasses and set your hair askew and you're ready to rock the physics charts.

Carnivale Character


Carnivale may seem like a stretch, but grab some old lace for the ruffles, a velvet or suede jacket and then use some lace on a cowboy hat and you're well on your way. The plain white plastic mask can be picked up at just about any craft store and add some gloves and before you know it, you're a woman of poetic mystery.



The sorceress is a bewitching costume that simply requires a little makeup, a dramatic evening dress and a crystal ball of any color. Once you're dressed, all you need is a little attitude to carry it off.



Vampires are all the rage, but they also come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose something funky and modern or dated and aged. Add a little dramatic makeup and some fangs and you're ready to sink your teeth into the night.'



Witches are one of the most popular Halloween icons and among the top quick Halloween costumes to pick from. A black dress, a black pointy hat and your choice of accessories whether it's a colored bottle, a broom or even a cat shaped stuffed animal. For moms at home giving out candy from a cauldron, the witch role can be fun too.

Doctor and Construction Worker


For the kids in the family, dressing up like a doctor, construction worker or even a policeman is pretty straightforward. You can raid mom and dad's closet for most of the items.

Simple and Quick


Quick Halloween costumes are easy with a little out of the box thinking. If you're really in a hurry, grab a mask and play the role of mystery -- it's quick, it's simple and you just need to swing by the grocery store around Halloween to find a mask.

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Quick Halloween Costumes