Puppy Halloween Costumes

Puppy Halloween Costume Ideas


The newest addition to your family is sure to enjoy all the festivities in their own puppy Halloween costume.

Puppies are playful and filled with adventure, what better way to play with their curiosity than bedeck them in a special costume? Puppy costumes are available in a variety of sizes and styles, perfect for the fancy pooch or the homebody who loves his master's t-shirts. Whether you opt for a premade costume, sew your own from a modified children's pattern, or get creative in your closet, the following slideshow is sure to stir your imagination!

He's a King!


Crown your pooch King with this adorable regal costume. An infant or toddler's play crown and a purple cape can be modified for a puppy Halloween costume.

She's a ballerina!


While your puppy may not be graceful, she can play up her charisma in a simple tulle tutu.

Puppys are angels!


This angelic pooch is sure to turn heads! Fairy or cherub wings can be affixed to a pet harness for ease of wear. A white coat completes this look!

Bee happy!


A bumble bee is an adorbale choice for a puppy. Many infant and toddler costumes can be altered to fit your pamered pooch. Make sure your puppy is comfortable in all the layers!

I'm with the band!


Play up your dog's natural assets for a unique costume idea. Does your pet have wild hair? Make them a rockstar! The ideas are endless once you put their personality and your creativity to the test. For more ideas, check out our Pet Costumes slideshow.

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Puppy Halloween Costumes