Finding Props for Christmas Costumes

Christmas Elf

The right props are essential for your Christmas costume if you want to make a strong impression. Your outfit will really be remembered if you go the whole nine yards, and that usually requires adding a few finishing touches to give it an authentic feeling. Shop for any of these props to help make your costume a success.

Santa Claus Accessories

Complete your costume of this jolly old elf with the right accessories.

Santa's Glasses

Santa is often seen wearing a pair of spectacles, particularly when reviewing his naughty and nice list. Get a pair of wire rim glasses to complete the look, such as:

  • Rectangular Santa Glasses from have a thin, rectangular-shaped metal frame and clear plastic lenses. They retail for about $5.
  • Rimless Santa Glasses at Amazon have round, clear plastic lenses with gold-toned arms and bridge, but no frame around the lenses. They retail for about $8.
Metal Bell
Metal Bell

Santa's Bell

While not every situation Santa is in requires him to have a bell, ringing one is a surefire way of getting everyone's attention. Find the perfect bell for the job such as:

  • The Santa Hand Bell at Party City, is a brass bell measuring five inches long. It retails for about $6.
  • The 3-inch Santa Bell at Amazon, which is a silver-colored bell with a black handle. It retails for about $7.

Santa's Toy Sack

Every Santa needs a bag filled with toys to deliver. Find a suitable bag to use for this prop, such as:

  • Santa's Toy Bag at Halloween Express, which is a red bag featuring a picture of Old Saint Nick and the words Season's Greetings. It retails for about $15.
  • Velvet Santa's Gift Sack at Amazon, which is a 36-inch high red velvet bag with a drawstring neck. It retails for about $30.
Santa Belly from
Santa Belly at

Santa Belly

If you don't fill out your Santa suit on your own, a Santa belly can help give you the most realistic appearance. Purchase a belly like:

  • Santa Belly from, which is a lightweight belly that slips over the head and ties in the back. It retails for about $22.
  • California Costumes Stuffed Santa Belly at Amazon, which is a realistic, one-size-fits all padding that slips over the head. It retails for about $5.

Santa's Eyebrows

If your eyebrows don't match the color and consistency of Santa's whiskers, remedy this with a pair of Santa's eyebrows, such as:

  • The Deluxe Santa's Eyebrows found at Amazon are made of Teviron on a net foundation and retail for about $6.
  • The Authentic Natural Eyebrows found at are white, synthetic eyebrows that curl up at the ends. They retail for about $14.

Reindeer Accessories

Whether you're Dancer, Prancer, the infamous Rudolph, or any of the other reindeers, the right accessories can really make your costume stand out.

Plush Reindeer Antlers
Plush Reindeer Antlers

Reindeer Antlers

Antlers are a crucial part of any reindeer costume. Get antlers like these to help complete the look:

  • Plush Reindeer Antlers from Amazon are attached to a headband for easy wearing. They have small ears located just before the antlers and have an inner wire that holds them upright. They retail for about $6.
  • Reindeer Antlers from Costume Craze are a large set of antlers attached to a headband. They have eight prongs and are covered in brown fur. They retail for about $17.

Rudolph's Nose

Rudolph's shining red nose is an iconic part of his image. Find the right nose to complete the costume, such as:

  • The Blinking Light Up Reindeer Nose at Amazon, which fits onto the nose and is held in place with an elastic that goes around the head. It flashes while being worn and retails for about $3.50.

Elf Accessories

An elf costume can be a lot of fun to wear because you decide if your particular elf is mischievous or not. Add to the costume with some great accessories.

Elven Ear Tips from Costume Supercenter
Elven Ear Tips

Elf Ears

Add a touch of authenticity to an elf costume with some pointed elf ears to poke out from beneath your hat. Check out ears like:

  • Elf Ears at Adrani Costumes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. All are rubber, and are meant to be worn over your own ears. They retail for $5.
  • Elven Ear Tips at, which attach to the upper portion of your ear to extend your ear into a point. They retail for between $10 and $20.

Shepherds and Angels

These costumes are often worn in Christmas plays or church presentations, but can also be fun to wear as costumes.

Shepherd's Staff

Don't let your shepherd go off to tend his flock without a staff. Find a realistic looking staff to complete the costume, such as one of these:

  • The Shepherd's Crook at Oriental Trading is a brown staff with a curved hook at the top. It retails for about $5.
  • The Brown Shepherd's Crook at CostumeCraze, which is a brown plastic staff with a curved hook at the top. It measures 66-inches in length and retails for about $12.
White Wings and Halo Set from Costume Supercenter
White Wings and Halo Set

Angel Halo and Wings

Complete your angel costume with a set of wings and a halo, such as:

  • The Angel Wings and Halo found at, which includes a marabou halo and synthetic wings. The halo is attached to a headband so it sits above the head. The set retails for about $13.
  • The White Wings and Halo Set found at, which includes a pair of feathered wings and a halo trimmed in marabou that sits above the head. The set retails for about $16.

Complete Your Costume

Whether it's a party or a play, make sure your Christmas costume has the right accessories. Get any of these props to complete your costume and make your season merry.

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Finding Props for Christmas Costumes